Monday, March 7, 2016

Just Like You...

Recently I was told by someone,

“Wow!  I’m so glad God gave you the heart to do what you do, because me - I just don’t have it.”.

The sentence continued to play throughout my mind for days, weeks and here we are today.

Over and over again it rolls through my memory and I think to myself,

"Oh sweet friend how I desperately long for you to see what I see every day!"

You see my friend,

 caring for a special needs children is a Joy!

It doesn’t take some super power, life changing experience, or education.

 The bible clearly states, 

“We love, because He first loved us.” - 1 John 4:19

You see - it's really that simple.

We love as Christ has called us to love.

Special needs children and adults are just like you and me!!

They have likes and dislikes,

Feelings and thoughts.

They enjoy being hugged and cuddled.

 They love holidays and can't wait for Christmas.


They have the best smiles,

They too, have powerful emotions,

They feel joyful and some days they feel really sad.

They feel grief and pain.

And oh my friends how


 radiate Joy!

They love with every fibre in their being.

And with one single smile they can steal your heart.

Oh friend!!

 How I long for you to see what I see.

To see what God sees.

The only truly special need we see,

 is that they long to be loved.

Just like you and me.

This blog post wasn't to be a rant or a calling out.

But I pray my friend,

                     that wherever you are today

     that you will see the beauty of my precious gems.

Created in HIS image.

Made perfectly unique.

And oh so very valuable!

You my sweet gems are more precious then rubies. 

More valuable then diamonds.

So humbled am I that I get the joy of loving you and calling you my  precious gems!

I love you always and forever.