Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Gems Spill The Beans!!!

It looks like Nanny Rhonah and Collins have a secret!!!

In fact it looks like Opio and Nanny Susan are in on it too!

Come on Nanny Eva and Josiah - Tell us!  What's going on?  

All this excitement could only mean one thing!

The Gems have been hard at work in helping to officially launch

"Will You Be My Gem-Friend?"

I mean, who can resist their sweet faces? 

And they're not kidding, they're excited too, because the Gems have been really busy working 
on thank you gifts (more on that later) for all their Gem-Friends!

Let's be honest, the Gem's needs are huge with round-the-clock nursing care, nannies, 
therapists, doctors, medicines, etc.  

  Yet we know that God moves huge on people's hearts
when we pray.  We've been praying so it's time to share the need!! 

Our goal is to have all of our Gems have enough Gem-Friends by the New Year!

One thing is for sure, The Gem Foundation loves to celebrate, and we can't think of a better way to
celebrate the New Year than knowing all the Gems are fully sponsored! 

How can you help?

1.  Become a Gem-Friend by sponsoring one (or more) of the Gems!
Each Gem-Friend will receive a gift from their Gem along with quarterly updates.

2.  Pray with us that God will raise a whole host of Gem-Friends who love our Gems and want to help!

3.  Share the need with your friends! Social media, small groups, family gatherings, any way you can think of! 

4.  We're even going to be opening the Gem for a "tour" in the days ahead...

Interested in becoming a Gem-Friend?

Have questions?

Write us:

You can also meet our precious Gems by going to our website by clicking the text below.

Stay tuned!!

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