Monday, December 28, 2015

Moe Meets Jesus

It's been one week since you met Jesus.

Oh sweet boy how we miss you more then words can say.

Your stocking was ready to hang up and your gift was purchased with you in mind.

I never imagined that you wouldn't be here to celebrate Christmas with us.

From the day you came home to us in October we were so in love.

Your little body was so weak at 9 years old you weighed just  kgs.

Yet, you were a fighter -

brave and fierce!

You came home severally malnourished and barely clinging to life.

When you came into my arms I was so in love.

We'd sing together and I'd share with you how much Jesus loves you.

I'd tell you how you were smart and kind and so very special.

God had such good plans for you I'd gently remind you.

Your body was in pain and your temperature up and down.

We saw many doctors and met with specialists.

Your little body needed weight and it needed it fast.

We'd feed you every three hours just a tiny bit at a time.

Slowly your body began to heal and light came into your eyes.

Your legs began to have some "chunk"

and we rejoiced at every little ounce that you gained.

One particular day that I won't ever forget, 

we decided to join the others and soak in the breeze
and sunshine.

You laid on my lap as I told you how much I loved you.

We talked about Jesus. 

I didn't know at the time that it may be my last time to spend with just you.

But oh my sweet Moe how thankful I am for that moment.


We dreamed of seeing you healed, happy and whole.

We dreamed of what it would be like to see your eye lashes flutter and a smile fill your face.

Your Mama who adored you so,

 came to hold you on Thursday and spend some one on one time with you.

We had begun to dream of you walking out the gate with her and

what it would be like for you to be resettled with your Mama who loved you so.

But on Monday afternoon our whole world changed.

You were peacefully cuddled in your new bed made specifically for you.

When all of the sudden the nannies began screaming that your oxygen levels had dropped.

We rushed you to the ER where they tried oxygen and desperately tried to get you to breathe.

You had peacefully left us to meet Jesus face to face.

Our hearts and arms ached for just one more moment with you.

Your Mama came and together we gathered around and sobbed for your earthly body.

Although we rejoice in your healing and knowing that you are now with Jesus.

Our earthly arms ache for you.

You had filled our hearts, our home and our world with such beautiful marks that only you our 

"Moe" could make.

We had dreamed of seeing your miracle take place here on earth.

but when you reached those pearly gates and met Jesus face to face,

you were healed of all your earthly struggles, of all the pain, of all your malnutrition,

You breathed sweet heavenly air.

I can only imagine the smile that would fill your face as you saw that no feeding tube was there.

Your head no longer ached with pain, but that you could move freely and jump and dance.

Oh sweet boy I can only imagine what it was like.

My sweet Moe you were so very loved.

How thankful am I that we said YES to you.

That we were able to hold you and love you if only for a short season.

You were worth it all, every painful breathe, every sob and every tear.

You are worth it all and even more.

I love you my precious Moe always and forever.

Dance with Jesus and please hug my Elisha, Jason and Arthur for me.


Mama Em


Thandi said...

9 years old...What suffering in such a 'short' life. SO glad e got a taste of proper care while on this earth. Peace and comfort to all.

s.m. b. said...

I don't think I could ever do what you're doing. Stay strong, God is doing amazing things through you. Even though that some of your little ones go home, I can see clearly how God is using you. I pray that you would have strength and courage as you continue on, and that you would always feel God's peace in the midst of hardships.
God bless!