Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surgery for Shanita

This week I received a phone call from my dear friend Eunice. 

She shared with me that she knew of a child born with

special needs and she knew that I needed to meet with them.

We quickly arranged for them to come the following day and for us to meet with the family.

We were so touched by Mama Gorettie's dedicated love and care for her precious baby girl.

She deeply loves her and cares for her so well.

When she realised that her daughter had some special needs,

she didn't lose that love for her, but instead reached out for help.

She went to a hospital but found she was unable to

afford the high cost of medical care.

She had no choice but to return home and wait.

As God would have it, He crossed our paths at the perfect timing.

Meet precious baby Shanita and Mama Gorettie

Isn't Shanita adorable?

We are so grateful for the privilege of walking beside Mama Gorettie and

baby Shanita as we journey this road of healing together! 

Mama Gorettie and Shanita will be joining The Gem Foundation's 

Community Outreach to families with children with special needs.

We will be sponsoring her medical care and treatment - through Ruby's Friends

the medical arm of International Voice of the Orphan.

Would you consider being a part of sponsoring 

the medical treatment for Shanita?

If so, please donate here.

Above all else please be praying for Mama Gorettie and baby Shanita!

We are so thankful to have them be part of our Community Outreach

and we can't wait to see all that God does in their lives.

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Mom Of Many said...

Emma, I love your heart for all who struggles with special needs. You are such an inspiration to this silver-haired mama. I love you honey!! xoxo