Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Home For Pearl

In the beginning of May we received a phone call...

On the other end of the line I began to hear the story of a 

sweet little girl who had been abandoned.

The government called us and asked us to take her...

Within hours of us saying "Yes!"...

she arrived...

scared, fragile and so very sick.

Her weak little body and eyes looked so hollow,

filled with much pain and sorrow.

But we had no way of knowing what was behind her gaze.

With much prayer we choose the name,

Pearl Suubi


"Precious Gem of Hope"

We couldn't think of a more perfect or prophetic name for her!

God had brought her home for such a time as this.

Her immune system is weak and she came home with a bad case of Malaria.

Over the few weeks she has been home with us,

 she has spent countless hours at the hospital.

The doctors have run test after test.

We are still awaiting more test results.

Before long we began to see a miraculous transformation!

She now smiles and laughs and enjoys playing ball with the help of others.

Her joy can't be contained!

Would you please be praying for healing for our sweet Pearl?

Pearl Suubi

 currently does not have any sponsors.

Would you prayerfully consider joining Pearl's team by sponsoring her today?

For more information on our sponsorship program,

you can email us at:

Make the subject "Pearl"

Above all else please be praying for healing for our sweet girl!


Mom Of Many said...

I can't wait to meet Pearl!! She's beautiful. And I love her name!! I sorta think we need a Pearl...we already have a Ruby!! xo

Allison said...

I was just reading some old blog posts here and looking at beautiful pictures, and I saw this comment. And now you have your Pearl!! I can't wait for you and Liberty to get home with Vernon and Pearl so I can see pictures of their homecoming!!