Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Would You Help?

This past month some of our Gems have been really struggling.

Their health deteriorating we have spent countless hours to and from doctors.

But still the results are unknown. 

We wait and we pray and we trust in Jesus.

As we care for the vulnerable Gems, there are more medical costs then we
have the ability to pay for.  The needs can actually feel

I felt I needed to share with all of you, praying
that some can help.



Our little Opio has had some congestion and was having difficulty breathing,
we rushed him to the hospital and the doctors proceeded to
 test him for a variety of things.

They then requested he have an X-ray,
 and the doctors found something they are concerned about and
that they brought to our attention.

Something that could be life threatening!

We desperately need the results.

Opio's Echocardiogram and consultation with 
Heart Specialist - $350



Jane has been having frequent seizures and the neurologist has
requested we send her for an MRI
to find out what is going on in her body.

Jane's MRI - $300. 



Jonah has also been having frequent seizures where he can collapse
at any moment and go into shock from his seizures. 

The neurologist has told us he needs an MRI urgently to find out
the cause for his seizures.

Jonah's MRI - $300.


Anita                                                                                                        Haura

Both our Anita and Haura have been having frequent seizures and there is difficulty
finding the cause of the type of seizures they are having. 

 The doctors have told us that they both need to have an


 for us to know what is happening in her body.

Anita's EEG - $200.
Haura's EEG - $200.


The need is so great for our
 Gems to receive the medical care they desperately need.

Would you please pray with us for them?
For provision?

Opio  $350
Jane   $300
Jonah $300
Anita $200
Haura $200

Total needed:  $1,350. 

Would you be willing to help the Gems?


Thank you so much in advance 
for loving some most vulnerable Gems... 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Haura Comes Home

It's taken me awhile to finally sit down and introduce you to one of our newest additions!

She is beyond precious and I am so excited for you to officially meet her.

Her name is,


{pronounced HOW - LA}

She came to us through a tremendous loss in her life.

Unable to find someone to care for her she was then referred to our home,

where we then were able to bring her home to us.

Life was fading from her eyes as she grieved the loss of her beloved caregiver.

Haura has several special needs that are still undiagnosed,

She has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy which effects all of her limbs and

makes her unable to sit up or feed on her own.

So she relies on us for every type of basic need to be taken care of.

Haura loves to be held and cuddled and spoken to.

She especially loves listening to music and enjoys being carried everywhere.

Recently Haura was fitted with her very own wheelchair!! 

And she is finally beginning to enjoy wheelchair rides.

Currently Haura does not have any sponsors.

Would you prayerfully consider being a part of watching 
Haura heal and thrive?

For more information on sponsoring our precious Haura,

Send us an email at:

Make the subject "Haura"

Above all else,

Would you please pray for Haura in the coming months 
as she adjusts to life in our home?

Will you pray that the doctors would have wisdom?