Wednesday, April 22, 2015

10 Years Old and Just 6 Pounds!!

Just two days before the wedding we welcomed home our newest addition 

and by far our smallest wedding guest!

His name is Samuel and he is beyond precious.

I'm so excited to finally introduce you to this handsome little guy!

We had the Joy of giving him the name Samuel which means:

"God has heard". 

We felt that this meaning was absolutely perfect for our sweet boy.

He came to us suffering from severe malnutrition,
cerebral palsy, neglect and abuse.

His tiny body struggling for survival at 10 years old.

Weighing only 6 pounds...

His legs just the size of my pinky finger...

Please hold up your own pinky...
that's just how big...
see for yourself!!

His body was struggling, his cheeks hollow and his life fading before our eyes.

What an incredible journey and testimony our sweet Samuel has.

God heard his cry and he was rescued him before it was too late..

In just one month of being home with us,

we have found him smiling and he even says "mama"!

Now his little body is weighing 17 pounds!!

It has been such a joy to see him blossom and to see life come into his eyes.

His smile is contagious and he is rarely seen without a smile.

Samuel loves to be held and enjoys spending time outside in the sunshine.

He also loves preschool and his favourite toy is a small car that fits in his hand!

We are so thankful for Samuel and that he is now apart of our Gem family!

If you are interested in being apart of sponsoring

 our sweet Samuel

Send us an email at:

Make the subject "Samuel"

Above all else please be praying that Samuel's body will continue to heal! 

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Fostering Journey said...

He is a completely different boy! Its amazing what love, prayers, and good care do! Great job guys!!!