Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Claire is Resettled! {Part 2}

{Claire in the light blue - being reunited with her sister!}

We searched and searched.

At the end of the day that the article was in the newspaper,

I felt so discouraged.

Our sweet Claire kept asking for her mama

but we had no answers.

So we prayed and we prayed.

Then one day my cell phone rang...

I answered on the first ring,

only to hear

the most amazing and beautiful thing had happened -

Claire's Mama had been found!!

What joy and excitement filled the air!

Our sweet Claire had been missing for over one month.

Her mama had feared the worst after

searching endlessly and many, many, many sleepless nights.

Where oh where could she be?

But our loving God had watched over Claire and protected her every step

enabling her to eventually be found and 

brought to The Gem Foundation where

He allowed us to watch over and protect, 

until her mama could find her! 


The Joy on the day of Resettlement is something I wish you all could have experienced.

Claire radiates love and joy!!

Upon arrival, 

her mama threw her arms around her little girl and held her like a baby.

She smiled and she laughed.

She had prayed and asked God to bring Claire back home,

and He did.

For my Jesus is faithful 100%!!!

Claire and her family...

 she is so loved and treasured!!

We feel so honored and humbled that God would use our home,

to bring Claire back to her family.

Because my sweet friends,

every child deserves a family.

We love you Claire!!


Sandy said...

So wonderful! Such joy!
Thank you for being there just where you are needed. Even if it were for just one. But so special that it is for all of these treasures.
Sandy in the UK

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful. God is so Good!!]

Chrisann said...

Such a wonderful, joy filled story!!

themckinneys said...

the pure joy on her face... priceless, only God...

Bailey B. said...

Oh how the tears fill my eyes at the joy in these pictures! How great is our God.

Kathleen Vaughan said...

I love that Claire's family so obviously loves her! God is using you and the Gems Foundation so beautifully here in Uganda.