Monday, January 26, 2015


{Holding Tony and his buddy Opio leaning behind him}

Today I am able to officially introduce you to my precious ‘Tony’

Many of you have been praying for healing for our 

newest little Gem -


 He was rushed to the emergency room with a horribly high fever and a
 much higher than should be heart rate
{even with a high fever}.

Thank you for all who have loved him, prayed for him and asked others to pray.

Tony is now home safe and sound! 

We missed him and it is so good to have him home again.

Our precious Tony was our Christmas baby! 

He arrived just days before Christmas.

When I first met him, tears filled my eyes.

I never had before seen with my own eyes such trauma and abuse.

 Covered in bruises and bedsores his little body of 13 years old struggled to survive.

His eyes tell a story that I long to hear...

He had been through so much!

An outcast.

Some days he would be beaten,
laying in his own waste,
days would pass and all he would know was hunger.

His body, overtaken by Cerebral Palsy, wouldn’t allow him to be free.

So day in and day out he was at the mercy of others.

I never had seen such mistreatment, horror or brutality,
just struggling to survive at 13 years old. 

And then God began the beautiful story of redemption.

As soon precious ‘Tony’ would join our home.

He has made so much progress as his body relaxes and
realizes he is now safe.

For being 13 years old he weighs so little,
and only wears a size 4T...
all from being sickeningly malnourished and abused.

We are so thankful to have him part of our 'Gem' family.

We can't wait to see God's miracles transform his life
as Tony heals and learns what love really is.

Would you please add him to your prayer list?

He is so weak and so fragile.
Would you prayerfully consider joining his team and
being a part of sponsoring our Tony?

If your interested in sponsoring him -

Send us an email at:

make the subject 


Above all else please be praying for healing for our precious boy!

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Jan J. said...

Weeping. How could anyone do this to a precious child? Weeping more with joy that he has found a safe and loving place to be nourished in all ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. God bless Tony. He must be in pure bliss right now.