Monday, December 28, 2015

Moe Meets Jesus

It's been one week since you met Jesus.

Oh sweet boy how we miss you more then words can say.

Your stocking was ready to hang up and your gift was purchased with you in mind.

I never imagined that you wouldn't be here to celebrate Christmas with us.

From the day you came home to us in October we were so in love.

Your little body was so weak at 9 years old you weighed just  kgs.

Yet, you were a fighter -

brave and fierce!

You came home severally malnourished and barely clinging to life.

When you came into my arms I was so in love.

We'd sing together and I'd share with you how much Jesus loves you.

I'd tell you how you were smart and kind and so very special.

God had such good plans for you I'd gently remind you.

Your body was in pain and your temperature up and down.

We saw many doctors and met with specialists.

Your little body needed weight and it needed it fast.

We'd feed you every three hours just a tiny bit at a time.

Slowly your body began to heal and light came into your eyes.

Your legs began to have some "chunk"

and we rejoiced at every little ounce that you gained.

One particular day that I won't ever forget, 

we decided to join the others and soak in the breeze
and sunshine.

You laid on my lap as I told you how much I loved you.

We talked about Jesus. 

I didn't know at the time that it may be my last time to spend with just you.

But oh my sweet Moe how thankful I am for that moment.


We dreamed of seeing you healed, happy and whole.

We dreamed of what it would be like to see your eye lashes flutter and a smile fill your face.

Your Mama who adored you so,

 came to hold you on Thursday and spend some one on one time with you.

We had begun to dream of you walking out the gate with her and

what it would be like for you to be resettled with your Mama who loved you so.

But on Monday afternoon our whole world changed.

You were peacefully cuddled in your new bed made specifically for you.

When all of the sudden the nannies began screaming that your oxygen levels had dropped.

We rushed you to the ER where they tried oxygen and desperately tried to get you to breathe.

You had peacefully left us to meet Jesus face to face.

Our hearts and arms ached for just one more moment with you.

Your Mama came and together we gathered around and sobbed for your earthly body.

Although we rejoice in your healing and knowing that you are now with Jesus.

Our earthly arms ache for you.

You had filled our hearts, our home and our world with such beautiful marks that only you our 

"Moe" could make.

We had dreamed of seeing your miracle take place here on earth.

but when you reached those pearly gates and met Jesus face to face,

you were healed of all your earthly struggles, of all the pain, of all your malnutrition,

You breathed sweet heavenly air.

I can only imagine the smile that would fill your face as you saw that no feeding tube was there.

Your head no longer ached with pain, but that you could move freely and jump and dance.

Oh sweet boy I can only imagine what it was like.

My sweet Moe you were so very loved.

How thankful am I that we said YES to you.

That we were able to hold you and love you if only for a short season.

You were worth it all, every painful breathe, every sob and every tear.

You are worth it all and even more.

I love you my precious Moe always and forever.

Dance with Jesus and please hug my Elisha, Jason and Arthur for me.


Mama Em

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Village For Our Gems

Many months ago we began the journey of searching for a
forever home for our precious Gems.

Knowing we have been renting a place and that our space was limited it urged us, together with our board, to pray and ask God where He was calling us to settle.

We searched high and we searched low.

Time after time we would scout out land  - searching for the perfect home. 

But every time we would see a place we knew that was not where God was calling us.

We had been praying for months and we
 asked others to also pray as we searched.

Months would pass as we waited and prayed that God would guide our steps.

With each phone call to bring a new little gem in,
our hearts would ache as we had to tell them our home was full.

We were no longer able to take in another abandoned baby with special needs.

We would grieve and pray as God would open and close
the doors for abandoned little ones.

How much our hearts ached when the space was not enough to bring that little one into our home.

One particular day we set off in the afternoon to see yet another piece of land.

As we pulled up and began walking the land my jaw truly dropped open!!

I turned to Josh and shared with him if this is the place God has for us,
I would move tomorrow.

Little things we had prayed for were all around the edges of the land,
 as I turned I saw the very specific things we had prayed for.

Things only God could do!

As we went home we shared right away with our board what we had found!

We were sure it could only be God!

We prayed together and as we prayed we received emails
from others and confirming verses.

As only God would have it

We have found our place to call our forever home!

We have entered into the stages of a contract as
we pursue the land and place God has for us.

The Gem Foundation Village Coming In 2016

It will be a place of healing both physically and emotionally,

It will be a place of refuge and of a hope.

A place for abandon little ones to find a safe place to call home.

Our dream is to expand the vision by building more homes in smaller settings to best care for our children.

We dream of a church in the Gem village where our children can attend and hear more about the love of Jesus.

We dream of burial ground where our children can be laid to rest near their home.
We grieved with our hearts aching but we were so thankful to Watoto for allowing us to bury from their ministry.

We dream of a school where our children can learn and grow as well as
reaching out to our community.

We dream of a village, a place for our gems to grow, thrive and heal.

Would you please partner with us and be a part of building a village for our Gems future?

It will be a place of refuge and of hope and healing.

We can not accomplish this task alone.

We need to raise $184,000 to purchase this land so we can begin building our
Gem's forever home.

Thanks to everyone who gave so generously last year we have raised


Meaning we only need to raise $109,000.

To be able to purchase the land for the future home and

Village of The Gem Foundation.

For only just $0.37 you can purchase a square yard!


For  just $1,800 you can buy an entire acre!

Every penny helps and no donation is to small!

This Christmas you can be apart of giving the gift that will keep giving year after year..

Join us in giving our precious gems a place to call our forever home.

There are so many ways you can be a part of building,

The Gem Foundation Village

Would you please be a part of building our permanent home for our precious Gems?

Donate Today by clicking the link below:

You can also be apart by sharing this post and encouraging others to be apart of building our Gems future home.

Together we can make this Village a reality!

If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with us and would like more info:

Send us an email at:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just One More

Today marks one year since you were welcomed into Jesus’s arms.

No more seizures. No longer struggling to breathe.

Healed and whole, now drawing in sweet heavenly air.

With every month that passes,

I count how many months it has been since I’ve held you in my arms...

I imagine what it would have been like to see you toddle and
how you would look with your first teeth.

Would you like to eat Avocado? Or only rice like baby Joshua?

So many precious firsts I wish I could have had with you.

With every month my heart aches and I long for just one more day.

Just one more.


September 2nd, 2014.

I woke up to screaming and hearing the night shift nanny running on the stairs,

pounding on my door, I swung it open.

Within one minute we were downstairs in record speed

as they yelled to me that you weren’t breathing.

In the kitchen I laid you on the floor and I started CPR.

With every breath, I begged you to breathe.

Panic coursed through our veins, we cried out.

I ran up the stairs and searched for my keys.

We rushed to the Emergency room at the local hospital near by,

With tears streaming down my face, I held you in my arms,

The doctor said it was too late, 

 I begged him to be wrong, 

I begged him to do something.

He told me he was so sorry...

Berna, our night nurse, and I clung to each other…

We cried and screamed, so painful that moment was.

So much grief and sorrow.

Pain like I'd never experienced,

 the raw ache of losing a child.

Our sweet baby boy you had left us so soon..

Each month we had with you we fell more in love.

Before I met you, I loved you. 

Just the sound of your name on my lips and I couldn’t wait to hold you for myself.

From the moment you were first placed in my arms, we had a special bond.

I called you my best "accessory"  and you were never far from my side.

I carried you everywhere and as you had seizures in my sling, I’d pray healing over you.

We called you, “baby Awfur” as the littles pronounced it. 

You had our heart from the very very start.

Oh my precious baby boy, how we long to hold you in our arms one more time.

I longed to see you toddle around and to see that smile of yours.

I can’t wait until I meet you again, heaven is so very sweet with three of my 

little loves waiting for me.

You my baby boy are so very loved and won’t ever ever be forgotten.

We miss you and we love you with all our hearts.

Today we praise Jesus for the life you lived.

What a gift you are my sweet baby boy.

So humbled am I that I was chosen to love you and call you mine.

I will carry you in my heart always, 

long beyond the empty cradle that's now filled once again.

 I will praise Jesus who has chosen me to love you if only for a short season.

Sometimes heaven seems so far away from us,

but we cling to Jesus who brings us comfort.

In your short life you left an impact the size of the universe.

Because of you, we choose to  love and we love fiercely.

For loving sometimes may be painful and bring deep grief and sorrow.

But you my sweet baby boy are worth every painful breath, every sob and every tear.

If I was told before that I would only have a few precious months with you,

I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

For you my sweet baby boy are worth it all and so much more.

Today we remember you my baby Arthur.

I will love you forever and always miss you.

Dance with Jesus my sweet baby boy, dance!

Until I hold you again.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

One Year Of Gems

We have just recently had the incredible Joy of celebrating one year of caring for our Gems!

I sit here trying to put into words all that God has done here in our Home at
 The Gem Foundation.

Words don’t seem to do it justice...Moments flash through my memory.

Oh how I wish to share those precious moments with you.

We look back over this past year and we celebrate all that God has done!

It has been one year since we opened our doors and welcomed 
our first 11 gems through our partner Organization Watoto Childcare ministries.

We laughed as God brought us all boys and wondered when our girls would come!

Overnight our quiet empty home was full of life and love and now running 24 hour care!

What Joy as we were humbled and honoured that God would use us to 
be able to love and care for His most precious gems.

There was little sleep in the first few months, 
but with each baby placed in my arms we fell more in love.

Little by little word spread and soon phone calls were never 
ending and little by little we grew one gem at a time..

Some joined our home through other Orphanage referrals and 
some joined our home through heart breaking abandonment.

Our arms slowly got fuller and our hearts overflowed with God’s faithfulness 
as He met each and every need at just the right timing.

More cribs were ordered and more spaces where turned into bedrooms! 

Here we are now just one year later, 

We can't believe all that has taken place this year.

We Rejoice in His Faithfulness, in His provision, In His Redeeming Restoration.

All because of Jesus.

We celebrated with lots of food, jump houses for the Gems and of course lots of music.

We are so humbled and amazed that we would have the incredible Joy
 of caring for our precious Gems!

We danced and we sung of His Goodness.

Because a Celebration wouldn't be complete without a dance off!

Our Bethany had secretly, unbeknownst to us, 
been working on a song to sing for this special day!

Tears fill my eyes. 

Our Gems have a voice that's just waiting to be heard.

Sweet Bethany sang her heart out!!

Even our Joey got into the action of the Jump houses!

Our arms are full and so are our hearts.

We can't wait to see all that God does in this next year!

One year later,

There have been 30 precious gems cared for and loved!

One precious Gem resettled with her loving family!

Three precious Gems in heaven with Jesus - we miss them everyday!

There are 26 Gems that we currently care for!

28 Staff who lovingly and diligently care for our Gems.

Two years ago we sat at a table just four of us praying for this day.

We never would have imagined what God would do.

You are so Faithful!!

Together we are restoring the value of Special Needs,
One precious Gem at time.

All glory to you Jesus!