Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Peek Into Our Foundation...

is so very excited!

We are preparing to open our doors 
to our very first 'Gems' 
and we can hardly wait!!

We are in the final preparation stages of being officially 
ready to open our doors!

Mainly we have been organizing, cleaning, 
final decorating and arranging the office.

Besides all of the little details we also have many bigger details,
such as interviews and hiring staff for the home.

We have been so blessed with such tender-hearted people,
 who love the Lord and love special needs children. 

We still have several positions that are open and we continue to pray
 that God would bring the right people to join our staff.

Long ago when this ministry was laid 
on my heart, 
I began to feel that it had to be founded 
firmly on Christ.

We want the ministry to fully glorify Him.

Every Monday morning bright and early we sit together 
and read scripture, discuss it and
then we pray together.  

We have seen many, many, many of our 
prayer requests answered!

We are so very excited to continue to see this ministry unfold 
and all that God has planned,
pray for us and please pray that God will 
bring the right people for the positions that
still need filling.

"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."
I Corinthians 10:31b

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Anonymous Rain Jacket...

Before moving to Uganda,

I was asked by several of you sweet friends,

 to write a blogpost of my needs.

I prayed as I typed and hit publish.

Before I could blink,

emails began to pour in from many of you,
my precious friends!

God began to provide for my needs.

And the rest is history.

First one package arrived, and I was amazed of what He was doing!

Then another package, followed by another,

and another!

You all blessed me so very much!

I was in awe of the way He had provided.

One day I received a package,

as I prepared to open the box -

I saw that it was from a very large company.

I could only imagine what was inside as I opened the box...

what would I find inside?!

There it was -  a beautiful, stunning, rain jacket
and just my size!

This rain jacket was something special.

It was purple just like I had been asking for!

I was so amazed!

As I searched in the box for a name, none could be found..

With now living in Uganda for over a year, 

I go regularly into my closet and grab my jacket!

I smile to myself wondering who ever you are - wherever you are.

Rainy season in Uganda is very wet.

This jacket has kept me warm and dry from the pouring rain.

It has been such an incredible blessing to me.

I don't know who you are or if I ever will.

But you my sweet-purple-rain-jacket-given'-friend 
have blessed me beyond compare.

Because of you sweet friend,

I am safe, warm and dry!

Thank you for blessing me so incredibly!

I pray God richly blesses you for your generosity!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Prayer Answered: The Washing Machine

Since I first moved to Uganda 15 months ago
 life has had many changes.

One of the changes is that I wash all my laundry by hand! 

What a year it has been - first, learning to wash by hand!

But I've actually come to love the simplicity that comes with it.

No doubt, some days I longed for a washing machine...

Especially as I'd stand bending over in the sun with a mound of laundry.

But then God would quickly remind me how much I truly have to be thankful for.

*Welcome to my Laundry room!* 

Some days my chickens would peck at my feet as I wash,

other days the dogs would run chasing each other

and my water would splash everywhere.

But oh how I've learned to love it.

I'd realize how much I'd taken for granted when I lived in the states.

Many days I'd wash late in the afternoon and hang my laundry on the clothes line.

Only to later be followed by a rain storm,


That just meant that some days my laundry got
more than one rinse cycle.

Got to love rainy season in Uganda!

Soon my love for washing laundry and our busy schedule,
grew into a hope.

A dream.

I dreamed and hoped that I would be able to
wash my laundry in a machine!

One day at the staff meeting for 

We began to pray together that God would provide a laundry machine.

We knew it was a huge financial need and also a necessary item for our home...

to make life a bit easier on our staff and
also better for our 'Gems'.

We made it a matter of prayer.

Together we agreed and asked the Lord to provide.

Then the most incredible thing happened.

Across the ocean God began to stir someone's heart...

Macey was in preparation to move here to Uganda to serve on staff at,

Before leaving the states, Macey began to share her heart and
 how she would be serving here at our home.

That's when God began to stir someone's heart...

and unbeknownst to any of us...

an anonymous donor


a washing machine!!

We were in awe...

not only was our prayer answered,

 We then found out that it wasn't only a washing machine.

They had also donated the resources for

 a Dryer!!

I was in shock and amazement as Macey shared with me
all that God had done and provided!

Little did this person know,

that across the ocean in Uganda we had been fervently praying.

Yet God had whispered to this person our need.

God did exceedingly abundantly above
all we could think or ask for!

Imagine the joy as I shared with the staff that God had answered our prayer!

He is faithful.

He cared about our hope and dream.
He cared about our littlest desires.

Macey and I with The Gem Foundation's 
very own washing machine.

My sweet friends, I hope and pray this shows you
how very much God cares about your needs.

He loves to answer our prayers!

 He is a faithful God.

He loves you.

He will answer you..

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; 
knock and the door will be opened to you."
- Matthew 7:7

Sometimes the waiting seems to last forever.

But my sweet friends, He is working behind the scenes
long before we see the results.

He does answer prayer!

Do you have any prayer needs?

Our staff gathers together once a week and we have a time of prayer.

Leave your prayer request in a comment below and we will pray for you.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Crib fit for a 'Gem'

This picture could only mean one thing!! 

Because of you, my sweet bloggy friends,

we have been able to not only order but also receive,

 our very first set of cribs!


And the best part is they are custom designed 
from a local carpenter!

So not only are these cribs blessing our home here at, 

they are also blessing the community that we live in, 
by being made locally!

I can't thank you enough for your generous donations! 

On behalf of all of our Gems that will soon fill our cribs..

Thank you!

Because of you

Our Gems will have their very own bed,

Where they can feel safe, warm, and loved!

We still have many needs as we prepare to open our home..

Would you like to be apart of making our house a home?

We are still in  need of some crib bedding!

Our theme for our Nursery is "Jungle Animals,"

after all we thought it was a perfect theme since we live in Africa!

Some of our pressing needs include:

Quilts, blankets and bumper pads, etc.

We are also still in need of several changing tables.

Would you like to be apart in making our house a home?

You can send your donation to:

The Gem Foundation
c/o International Voice of the Orphan
3820 W. Happy Valley Rd 
Suite 141 - #510
 Glendale, AZ 

Gems will be joining our home very soon,
 and we can hardly wait...

Details coming soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Gift I Didn't Expect...

Recently I was asked to come and speak at a 
dear friend's church in the village.

We journeyed about two hours into the 
beautiful countryside.

A simple little church awaited us.

As the car pulled into the lane,
people began to pour from the church building 
each anxiously coming to greet us.

What an honor it was to be the very first 
{white person} 
to visit their church!

I was given the incredible honor of 
preaching the message - 
such a joy!

Six pastors and their congregations came 
together to hear my message.

What an incredible privilege and so very humbling 
that God would open this door.

They asked me to be their spiritual mother 
for their church.

I was so very honored and of course said 'yes'!!

After the service was finished the pastors asked 
me to please join them outside.

They said they had a gift for me.

And this is what came around the corner...

Who would have thought?!

Culturally in Uganda an animal is 
considered an honor and gift,
but a Pig??

Well friends, its the highest form of honor - 
even higher then a chicken!

I was overjoyed and so very humbled!

My friends at the church would have never imagined, 
but as a little girl I'd always dreamed of having a pig.

After all, Charlottes Web has a way of doing that!
God really does have a sense of humor doesn't He?!

I proudly shared with them my new pig's name: 


They all laughed and I'm not sure if they realized -
 I am serious!

I have no intention of eating him. 

At all.

Euuu no...

I love him, for real.

I wake up with him 'Oinking' through my compound and 
he brings a smile to my face every single time.

Wilber is the perfect addition to our little family.

Oh Uganda how I love you...