Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mattie Makes a Dramatic Entrance!

I'm so excited to introduce you to the newest edition!!

Yesterday night he decided to bring a dramatic entrance to our 'Gem' family,

As soon as we posted the status:

"Emergency - please pray for our Gem..
Air way closed and struggling to breathe
(possible allergic reaction). 
In route to ER. Please pray and ask others to pray!"

Many of you immediately began to pray for healing for our precious boy!

We were in awe to know that you were praying around the world.

Just a few hours later we found out he was going to be okay

 and that his throat was restricted due to an abscess inside his throat.

He is on medicine and will continue to heal as the infection runs its course.

*Please pray for it to heal quickly*

This little man is such a heart stealer and brings us so much Joy!

His arrival was a surprise after an unexpected phone call.

Within hours of the phone call he was in our arms.

We immediately fell so in love.

With each 'Gems' arrival we like to take some time to pray and choose a name,

that is picked out, thought over and prayed for.

When we met this sweet 'Gem' we knew he was indeed a gift to us.

Arriving just 2 months after the loss of our Jason - 

We knew he was indeed a gift and a blessing.

That being said we have given him the name,



"Gift from God"

His name was inspired by a sweet little boy across the ocean who
was so loved and had a zeal for life.

He went to dance with Jesus in November and our hearts ache
with his precious family.

We love you Loux family!

When we prayed about a name we couldn't think of a better name
for him then to carry on Mattie's legacy.

             Mattie has Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalous.

Yet he doesn't let that stop him!

He has the most contagious smile and laugh and truly brings
such joy to our home.

Mattie has been at the hospital having tests done to determine several things -

He is in need of Surgery to have a shunt put in.

Above all else please pray and ask others to pray!

Pray for wisdom as we schedule the surgery and for God's
protection over Mattie.

Since his abscess is on his throat we need it to heal quickly
so he can have the surgery he needs.


If you're interested in sponsoring,


precious boy please

send us an email at:

make the subject 


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