Monday, November 17, 2014

Jerom's First Date

This past weekend we had a very special day!
We celebrated our,
 Jerom's 12th birthday!
This handsome boy brings us so much Joy!
He is always smiling and greets us with shaking his fist when we walk in.
He loves life, cuddles and wheelchair rides!
We decided we needed to do something extra special to truly celebrate him and his life.
We planned a special day,
complete with his very first date out!

Since our 'gems' have been home we don't get to take them out for fun things.
Usually its doctors appointments etc.
So when we told him,
that we were indeed taking him out on a date.
His excitement couldn't be contained.
He cheered with joy and enjoyed riding in the car with shrieks of excitement.
We took him to a restaurant where he could have some yummy Mango juice!
{On our way to the restaurant!! He loved the car ride!}
We then went for ice cream and he smiled the whole time.
His Joy couldn't help but melt your heart.
I felt so humbled that I get to,
I get to love him and care for him.
What did I do to get this privilege and incredible honor of calling him mine?
I don't know how to quite explain it,
But to me each of my 'gems' is my child.
I love them with a motherly love and feel such pride at each accomplishment that they make.

Taking him out on his very first date was so much fun and joy.
Jerom is one of a kind and I am so thankful he's mine!
Oh sweet Jerom you are so loved and we are so thankful for your life.
You are valued and precious to us.
Happy 12th birthday sweet boy!

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