Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bethany Comes Home

I'm so excited to finally introduce you to this sweet girl!

She is one of the newest editions to our home and she brings so much love to all she meets.
Meet Our Gem,


This girl is a true 'gem' and one of a kind!

When we heard the news of her joining our home,

 our hearts practically burst at the seams.

But that's not even the best part of her story.

When we found out the news that soon Bethany would be joining our home,

we then learned some exciting news!!

It turns out, that our Anita,

had been  best friends with Bethany,

 since they were just babies at Watoto.

They would continually be together and play together.

Such a sweet bond that they had shared.

{in an unplanned, almost matching shirt!}

Bethany arrived during rest time...
For our Anita,
 it had grown a bit lonely with only brothers - even if she had 14!

On the day of Bethany's transfer she walked into our home with a mission.

Immediately she searched for her best friend Anita.

Oh my sweet friends.

What a beautiful reunion it was!

Best friends for life and sisters forever because Bethany

 is now part of the family at the 'Gem Foundation'!


Our Bethany has several special needs.

But she never lets that stop her - she is continually serving others,

wiping mouths, feeding and pulling the others on her lap to soothe them.

She walks with the use of a walker and has the most compassionate heart for others.

She brings us pure Joy with her mama's heart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Most readily understand,
care for a special needs gem is entirely 
different than those without significant need.

Due to this reality,

The Gem Foundation 

has created a "team" for each Gem
which will consist of several 
team members who contribute to their
Gem's daily care. 
Each team member will be sent 
regular updates, pictures and information
that will give each team member 
the joy of personally 'knowing' their gem.


If your interested in sponsoring our,


Send us an email at:

Make the subject:

"Bethany's Team"

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Anonymous said...

Such amazing work you are doing! Thank you for taking care of these beautiful gifts from God!