Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet our New Gem: Nehemiah

When we received this most exciting phone call - our hearts spilled over..

Much to our surprise and excitement our gem number 15 would be making his debut!

I'm so excited to introduce you to our precious 


We had the incredible opportunity to give him a name and with much 
prayer chose his name.

His name means "God comforts"...our sweet boy has had so much pain, 
but he is filled with so much joy and love. 

His face lights up and he lovingly calls the nannies "mama"-  
it melts our hearts every single time.

He is a little love bug always clapping, singing, banging on the drums or playing football.

It's been so exciting to see him grow and settle into life here.

Our Nehemiah has epilepsy and cerebral palsy....

But he never lets any of that stop him!

It is our prayer that our Nehemiah will be able to become more independent and

 that he will be ble to learn to communicate with us. He has recently been fit for a 

walker and we are so excited to watch him heal and take his first steps!

If you are interested in helping our Gem


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send us an email at:


Subject :  Nehemiah


Bree said...

Welcome, Nehemiah! I hope you love it there. Keep up your wonderful work, Emma!!

Teresa said...

I have to say that I love his shirt. Marshall University is in the southern part of West Virginia and even though I live in the norther part and am a West Virginia University fan I still love his shirt.

Pat Barnett said...

We love his shirt...We Are Marshall!! If you know the story of that University rebuilding after their tragic plane crash it is quite appropriate for him to wear it as he rebuilds his life:)