Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Month - 13 Gems and Counting!

I can hardly believe it's been only one month since we opened our doors

and welcomed our first Gems home!!

What an amazing month it has been!

Our hearts are overflowing with His faithfulness.

We went from opening on July 10th and welcoming eleven precious 'Gems' home.

Then just last week we received the joyful and exciting news 

that our home would be growing by four feet!

I was in awe and amazement that yet again we would be 

blessed with two more little boys!

Boy oh boy - 

I just love the way God works!

We have also grown as a staff to a total of 23!

Yet again I am reminded of His faithfulness.

I am so honored to serve alongside such Godly people,

 who deeply love Jesus and our 'Gems'.

Our staff was so very excited to welcome our newest additions to our "Gem" family home.

Even the rain couldn't stop our precious "Gems" from making their debut!

Meet our boys!! 

S & J 

You didn't think I was going to give you their full name did you?!

That my sweet friends, will just have to wait for each of their formal introductions.

But trust me, it was love at first sight!

We have finally made a Bakers Dozen and we couldn't be happier.

We are so excited to see all that God is doing and going to do through 

I am so excited to officially introduce you to S & J, 

beginning, Lord willing, tomorrow!

There is only one thing left to say,

Welcome Home sweet boys,

Welcome Home!


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering what the danger factor is with this Ebola
virus I keep hearing about in Africa.

Are you anywhere near there and are there "contingency" plans in place?

Bless you for all your efforts on behalf of the children.


waitingarms said...

Africa consists of 62 distinct Countries and Territories spread over 11,725,385 square miles (about the size of China, India, the USA and most of Europe combined) with a population of 853 million people (almost 3 times the population of the USA). The current Ebola outbreak is in West Africa (Uganda is in East Africa and separated by several countries from countries with the outbreak). For context, it's like a Californian panicking because an Ebola patient is receiving treatment in Georgia. While a horrific disease, it's not airborne (and it it were, it would have to be airborne and travel thousands of miles from West to East Africa) and transmission is via
contact with an infected
patient's bodily fluids. This issue is dominating media coverage in Africa (and most of the world) and most people are sufficiently concerned. A lot of African countries have instituted travel bans against travelers from countries with the outbreak. I hope that gives you some peace as you pray for the precious gems and the caretakers who are loving on them.