Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet Our 'Gem' Shafik

I'm so very excited to introduce you to the newest addition here at



{pronounced Sha-feek}

When I first met Shafik at Watoto Baby Home,

 he immediately came over and greeted me with a hug!

From that moment on,

he had stolen a piece of my heart and was never far from my thoughts.

I continually would ask the staff after the initial transfer of our first 'Gems' 

how he was.

When I received news just last week that he indeed 

was going to be transferred from 

Watoto Child Care Ministries,

I was overjoyed!!

With his shy personality and his love for snuggles,

its hard not to fall in love.

He enjoys music and exploring the outdoors.

Even though he is the most mobile in our home,

he is always looking to be picked up and cuddled! 

Shafik has Autism and mild brain trauma.

It is our prayer that Shafik,

 will be healed and someday use his voice to communicate.

We are so in love with him and so very thankful that he has joined our 'Gem' family!

If you are interested in being part of Shafik's team,

please email us at:

Please make the subject:

"Shafik's Team"

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Sandy said...

Hi Emma,
You may have already mentioned this, but could you explain what 'being part of ___'s team' means? Or what is involved?
Sandy in the UK