Friday, August 15, 2014

Meet Our 'Gem' Jackson!!

I'm so very excited for you to meet this little man!

He is seriously a true heart stealer.


Most readily understand,
care for a special needs gem is entirely 
different than those without significant need.

Due to this reality,

has created a "team" for each Gem
which will consist of several 
team members who contribute to their
Gem's care. 

Each team member will be sent 
regular updates, pictures and information
that will give each team member 
the joy of personally 'knowing' their gem.


This little guy just joined our home last week!

He's the newest addition to our 'Gem' family and we are so in love with him!

Meet our precious,


He is a pure Joy!

He may seem tiny at first,

but this little man has a big personality!

He loves to make noise and we affectionately call him our beat-boxer or our DJ!

He loves to play with his toys and to be cuddled.

He enjoys the outdoors and when not outside he is continually found near a window!

Jackson is hearing impaired and has several other special needs.

It is our prayer that our Jackson will heal and that he will be able to learn sign language.

He is working with our physical therapist where our goal is to someday see him walk.

We have no doubt God can heal him and we pray that someday he will even hear our voices.

We know nothing is impossible with God and we cling to that hope as we pray!

If you are interested in being part of Jackson's team,

please email us at:

Please make the subject:

"Jackson's Team


Sandy said...

Thanks for the explanation. Well, I can pray at this I will.
Sandy in the UK

Mom Of Many said...

I love you little Jackson and I can't wait to see you in person!! I am praying for you!!

Marianne Dunbar said...

Jackson, I have just adopted you in my heart and sent you all the things on your clothing list.I hope you like them. Hurry and get big and strong so I can send the next size!! XO
Love to Emma!