Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our 'Gems' Come Home!!

It is with a tremendous Joy that  I share with you my sweet friends...

Our incredible story of welcoming our 'Gems' home.

I am in absolute awe of all that God has done...

Since I was just a little girl I dreamed of this very day.

Here fourteen and a half years later and that dream has
finally become a reality!

I am so very humbled that God would use me to care for His most precious 'Gems'!

Several months ago through a series of events,

an Incredible Organization heard about us at

and at their own initiative
asked me to go to coffee to hear more about our work.

Little did I know all that God was truly doing behind the scenes.

I shared with them how we were still in the process of our paperwork
to become a licensed home to care for special needs treasures
 that would be the first special needs home here in Kampala.

As the months passed after that meeting
we were continually praying that God would direct
our steps to the 'Gems' that needed us the most.

As we continued to prepare our home,

God continued to work behind the scenes.

My sweet friends,

God is truly amazing!

It is without further ado that I share with you our partner organization,

Since I was just a little girl and first heard,

 come and sing at my church,

I was deeply touched and ever since have
respected and loved this organization!

Watoto has a deep passion for caring for the Orphan,

and I consider it such an honor to be partnering with them

to care for their special needs treasures!


Some of you may have noticed the subtle hint I shared in the last post.

It went something like this,

"Boy oh Boy!"

and let me tell you sweet friends,

"Boy oh Boy do we have boys!!" 

Excitement was in the air this morning as our Staff both morning and night shift

 showed up bright and early anxiously awaiting our 'Gems' arrival.

We started off our day by praying and dedicating
this ministry to the Lord.

We are so excited to see the miracles and transformations
that will take place here at our home.

The real Celebration began when the van and truck pulled through our lane.

Our 'Gems' had finally, after years and months of praying for this day -

they had finally arrived!

And then, my sweet friends, 
our 'gems' had finally made their debut!

Our arms and hearts were overflowing.

What a beautiful day of celebration this has been! 

There's only one more thing to say -

"Welcome home sweet 'Gems', welcome home!"

Lord willing, we begin the introductions -
you will be smitten - 
we all are!!


Chrisann said...

So exciting, Emma!!! Can't wait to hear more.

Denie Heppner said...

THIS IS ASTONISHING. so thankful for you and your team, emma…so praying for you all. these children are truly "at home" as much as they can be in this world. blessings a thousand-fold!

TexasJoy said...

They are beautiful!!! May God bless you and your work.

Sara said...

Oh my goodness Emma... The dream the Lord put in your heart years ago is coming to fruition... What an amazing miraculous God He is... What a joy to watch this all unfold:) What the Hintz crew would do to be there with you to welcome them home... we are overjoyed for you, proud of you, and most importantly praying for you, that God will strengthen you for all the tasks He has set before you!:) Amazing:):) Overjoyed in Illinois:)

The James Gang said...

Tears of joy as I read your post. What a testimony to God's omniscience, goodness, and faithfulness!

Anonymous said...

So excited and looking forward to "meeting" the gems!!

Mammy said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the tiny bundle you have in your arms. Am already praying for these little ones. So excited for what God is doing!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Emma - Love!!! So excited for you all and for your Gems! Praising our amazing God.

andrea said...

Crying as I see the joy and love on your staff's faces... These beautiful gems, once rejected, now oh so very wanted... Just wish I could be there to share in the "lovin'" as my son calls it :)