Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meet Our 'Gem' Collin

I fully intended to introduce each of our Gems daily, but I didn't bargain in 
the mix the regular power outages we have
{and yes, we just had another one}
nor did I figure into the mix that two boys would become very sick with 
very high fevers {one's was 104.9!} and I would be at the hospital 
with them three days in a row!

The boys are feeling better, one had to have IV fluids as he was extremely 
dehydrated but both are feeling much better.  

Please would you pray for health for our home 
as we come to mind?

So far we have introduced three of our precious "Gems"  
but we still have eight more to go and let me tell you they are darling!

I'm absolutely dying to just share them all with you! 

But I can't just yet and I'm sure the anticipation is killing you!

Oh my,  Sweet friends, 

It is with a great honor that I introduce you to yet another
one of our "Gems" 



He's the smiley guy of our bunch!

Collin has severe spastic cerebral palsy but he doesn't let that stop him!

This little man is rarely seen without a smile!

He loves to laugh and enjoys every moment,
well except when it's bath time!

His laugh Is contagious - his sweet sounds fills the air and
you can't help but smile too!

 It is our prayer that Collin will learn to feed himself and 
also that he will learn to communicate.
We are praying for a miracle for Collins  - he is one determined little guy
and we pray that he will learn to walk!

We serve a miracle-working,
mountain-moving God and we know that through 
Him all things are possible 

If you are interested in being part of Collin's team,
please email us at:

Please make the subject:

"Collin's Team"

1 comment:

Sharon said...

It's so GREAT to see Colin here- I meet him back in 2009/10 and fell in love with his smile too. Great to see that he still has that and loving the dreams that you have for him. Standing with you to see it all come through for him.

:) :) :) :)