Monday, July 14, 2014

Meet Our 'Gem' Arthur

I am so very overjoyed to introduce you to our youngest 'Gem'.

This little guy came to us as a surprise!

Let me tell you what a joyful surprise he is...

Long before we opened our home here at 

 we had been praying for months

 that the Lord would direct our steps to the children who needed us most.

When we partnered with,

They sent us a list of referrals for our home.

As I read the precious names that would be joining our home.

I knew that all of those precious names belonged here at home with us.

A few days later I went with our social worker 

to meet Watoto's social worker

and to go over the transferring details for our 'Gems'.

As I shared with them that we simply couldn't choose 'who' but that 

we felt it on our heart that all of those precious names belonged here at home with us.

To my surprise they questioned, 

"So you are also going to take the baby?"

I was shocked there wasn't a baby listed that I had seen.

But oh what a sweet little bundle of a surprise was he!

It is with a great honor that I introduce you to our youngest 'Gem'.

His name is 


He is truly our tiniest 'Gem' and has stolen all of our hearts!

Arthur has severe cerebral palsy.

He suffered severe brain trauma in birth.

He is also blind.

But we are believing God for a miracle and we are placing our Hope in 

the one who made Arthur as we 

are looking forward to seeing first hand 

miracles take place in his life.

Arthur loves to be cuddled and is starting to respond to movement when it is near him.

His favorite past time is to be carried and cuddled in my sling!

Please be praying for Arthur and for healing for his precious little body!

If you are interested in being part of Arthur's team,
please email us at:

Please make the subject:

"Arthur's Team"

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