Friday, July 11, 2014

Introducing our 'Gems': Joey

My heart is overflowing with such incredible joy I am not sure how to explain it.

I don't think there has been a moment that I haven't been smiling.

It was such a joyful day of Celebration as we officially opened our home 


 welcomed our 'Gems' home.

 I didn't feel that it would do justice if I introduced you to them all in one post,

after all each of our 'Gems' are so valuable and each have their own story and personality.

 I am just dying to share each one of them with you

I know they are surely going to steal your heart!

So my Sweet Friends over the following

11 days

I will be introducing you,

to one of our most precious 'Gems' each and every day.

"Boy oh Boy!" 

That's right sweet friends,

We have been blessed with all 11 boys!


Most readily understand,
care for a special needs gem is entirely 
different than those without significant need.

Due to this reality,

The Gem Foundation 

has created a "team" for each Gem
which will consist of several 
team members who contribute to their
Gem's care. 
Each team member will be sent 
regular updates, pictures and information
that will give each team member 
the joy of personally 'knowing' their gem.


It is with a great honor that I introduce you to one of our 'Gems',


He stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on him.

He has severe Cerebral Palsy resulting in several other special needs.

He suffers from an unknown disease that we are desperately trying to identify.

We were so heartbroken to learn that the treatment and testing he needs
 isn't found here in Uganda.

However we serve a mountain-moving God and we are believing that
God can work a Miracle in our
Joey's life and we look forward to seeing him thrive in our care!

He has the most beautiful smile that lights up the darkest room.

Due to his unknown special needs he sleeps a lot.

However if I call him 'Joey' and tell him to look me in the eye

he will open his eyes and bat his eyelashes and smile.

His smile is infectious - after all look at his precious face...

If you are interested in being part of Joey's team,
please email us at:

Please make the subject:

"Joey's Team"

Please be praying for Joey's healing,

as we strive to find out the cause of his unknown disease.


Chrisann said...

Precious gem, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Joey and all your precious gems. Praying Joey gets medically airlifted to a country with the right doctors he needs.

Kat said...

What a precious gift from God!!! Tears in my eyes and celebration in my heart!!!

Emma Holmes said...

This is beautiful and exciting all at the same time! I am so happy for you, the Gem Foundation and all of your beautiful "Gems". If you ever need an extra pair of hands please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or facebook message! I am happy to help in any way!(

Jeanette Hohnke said...

You are an angel