Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet Our Staff

This past weekend we were so very blessed and excited 

to host our very first of its kind

Staff Family Dinner

When I first began the process to hire staff for our Home,

it was with much prayer that I began the interviews.

I prayed that the Lord would lead us to the right staff that 
were suppose to join our team.

Each day to day the tender caring for our 'Gems' is so very important.

As we began the applications and interviews -
We prayed! 

Asking the Lord to direct our steps and provide.
And that He did!

One by one we have grown into an incredible God given Staff and Team.

I have been so blessed to serve alongside these amazing individuals
who truly love Jesus and are passionate about our 'Gems'.
{These are just some of our staff's kids!

I can't help myself I love baby feet!}

We enjoyed the afternoon with some good old fashioned Ugandan football!

Sharon {one of our volunteers this summer} with  Jeremiah 

It was also my very first time to prepare local food -

all by ourselves!!

Thankfully the food turned out good {I was worried!} and the staff said it was
delicious local food!

Our staff enjoying the meal and time together!

It was also Jeremiah's first birthday -

I'm sure some of you remember the story and the incredible honor,

I received last year when I was asked by his parents to name him!

You can read his full story here:

{His parents and brother and sister were so excited with his cake!}


It is with a great honor that I introduce you to our incredible

Staff and Team and the families here at our home!

We are getting ready sweet friends -

and it's finally about to be a reality!


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Amy said...

Looks like such a fun group of people to work with. Happy 1st Birthday Jeremiah. What an honor to get to name him.