Monday, June 9, 2014

Her Eyes

Sitting in Traffic as we wait for the signal to cross the intersection.

I glance to my right and that’s when I saw her.

Her eyes bore into mine…

For a moment I see myself as her. 

What if that was me? 

She shakes her hand back and forth asking for anything.

Hunger pains likely fill her stomach.

Staring through the car windows her eyes plead for mercy.

Just a child herself -
yet carrying her baby snuggled fast asleep.

Cars speed by and she hardly notices that
 they are so very close to hitting her.

She stands on the median between the two sides of the road...

Her skirt is dirty and ripped....scars cover her precious face.

Shoeless she paces back and forth.

I don’t know what brought her to this place where she stands.

Yet my heart is heavy for her... 

I long to speak her language and share with her how much 
Jesus truly loves her.

In her eyes I see such pain and grief and wonder
what has happened in her short life to bring her to this place here?!

So easy it is to roll up my window and pretend I didn’t see her.

Yet I cannot.

My heart is burdened with her face.

You might have also seen someones eyes who bore into yours.
They leave an imprint on your heart and mind.

I always wonder what if that moment our eyes met
left an imprint on her heart as well?

What if God brought us to that moment at that time to show our friend Jesus?!

I quickly search through my purse -
looking for something to pass to her.

I find an apple which as I lift it out the window I
share with her in her native tongue ‘Jesus loves you so much’.
{I only know a speck of her dialect.}

I pray that moment left an imprint on her heart.

I pray that it opened her eyes and that she
wondered who this Jesus really is.

That she would not see my face, but His face.

I long for her to meet Jesus.

For her to see that she has value and was created with a purpose.

I long for her eyes to fill with Joy - for her eyes to no longer be filled
with pain and grief but to be filled with His Presence.

There are so many girls just like her that roam Kampala.

They walk the streets and medians in-between traffic.

My heart breaks for these girls. 

Street children.

To many they are seen as nuisance and a disgrace.

Their childhood and innocence stolen from them
the day they arrived on the streets.

Their eyes reveal they have lost all Hope.

My heart is heavy and I can’t keep her face to myself
but had to share it with all of you.

I pray it gave a glimpse into the daily 
 life of a street girl.

Please join me in praying that these girls
would come to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

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