Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Update on Medical Needs

We are so very close to opening our doors here at

We as a staff can hardly wait  -
the anticipation is building!!

So soon and our home will be filled with laughter and such joy!

What a glorious day it will be when we welcome our 'Gems' home.

Photo Credit: Teri Gosse

Many of you may have seen our post and need for medical supplies
as we prepare to open our doors!

Your comments and emails have so touched my heart
as well as your beautiful donations!

So many emailed and commented asking if you could donate 
American Medical equipment.

Your offer and generosity so blessed us!

I am so sad to say that because of the different voltage situation -
 it fries the medical equipment that is brought from overseas.

This is why we must purchase locally!

Due to lack of Medical supplies here in Uganda,
we want to be prepared for every need that our Children will have.

No doubt our needs seemed huge to me -
but we prayed and published the post!
In the meantime, we are so very excited to share that
we have been searching and the Lord
led us to a place 
where we can buy home medical equipment
instead of hospital/industrial medical equipment -
this will save about half the cost - 
cutting our needs in almost half
which means we only have


left to raise!

And we also still are in need of a wheelchair ramp....

Would you please consider helping us get 
The Gem Foundation 
completely ready for 
the little ones God has intended for us?


On behalf of our 'Gems' - 
Thank you to all our generous supporters!

Your generous gifts could very well save a life!

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