Thursday, May 8, 2014

They're Coming!!!

Oh friends,
it's really happening!!

The dreams long planted are about to be reality!

Ready for this??

There have been some very important meetings
here in Uganda and
we can officially announce that there are
some organizations and ministries
who are ready to entrust us with
some of their special needs treasures!!

They are "lining up"!!

We are literally a short time away from bringing
some Gems home!

But there are just a couple of things that must be accomplished  
as we are prepare to open our doors here at

Soon, soon, soon and precious 'Gems' will be joining us!

We can hardly wait!

Today we had the opportunity to meet with 
some incredible women who have walked the road before us!

We were so blessed to be able to sit and chat with them as they shared
their many thoughts, needed advice,  
valuable wisdom and sweet encouragement!

So thankful to be able to learn from those who have walked before us!

As we prepare for our 'Gems' 
we have to prepare ahead of time for the needs they will have.

One of our biggest needs is Medical Equipment.

In order for us to handle each of their specific needs
we must be prepared so when that moment comes we are ready!

It could be the very thing that would save our 'Gems' life.

Our needs seem so big to my human mind!

But I have no doubt that God will provide for each and every need that we have.

 Our needs for our 'Gems' will include:

Suction Machine - $1,600 

 2 Oxygen Tanks and Concentrator -  $320.00

Regulator - $320.00

Nebulizer - $320.00

Pulse Oximeter - $3,000

Miscellaneous medical supplies - $500.00

Total we will need to get started:  $6,060 

This is really happening!!!

Would you consider being a part of providing 
for the upcoming medical needs?

Donate by PayPal:

Donate by check:
International Voice of the Orphan
3820 W Happy Valley Rd
Suite 141 - #510
Glendale, AZ 85310
Memo:  The Gem Foundation Medical Needs

Oh dear friends, they're coming, they're coming, 
they're really, really, really coming!! 

Can you feel the excitement coming from Uganda?

On behalf of the precious Gems of Uganda,
thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Janet and Kevin said...

So happy for you all! Praying here.

love to you,
the bourkes

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Wonderful news.

A bit off topic, but I want to thank you for this blog. I have been so blessed by your posts! As one who has a heart for missions, and am praying into it, I was wondering if I could email you with just a few questions? I am so encouraged by your posts and would love to be able to ask some things in specific.

Again, thank you! So blessed:)

Becky L. said...

good news and hope all the well with receiving the equipment needed for your sweet gems!

Created 4 Him said...

Would a home nebulizer fit the bill? I have one which we used once. It wasn't nearly as expensive as the one you listed. If it would work, we could send it with the June trip, I expect. Facebook or email me if you like.
Praying for more details to come together...
I love your intentional love of others without favortism!

joeks said...

Maybe someone else has already mentioned, but the PayPal link seems to have a problem. Hopefully it can be resolved easily.

So exciting that you're getting so close!

Amy said...

I also have a home nebulizer in excellent condition that I would be happy to donate if there is ever a need for one.