Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Medical Needs? Completely Funded!!

This morning we woke up to some incredible news!

Because of you my sweet friends and your incredible generosity,

Our Medical Needs have been completely funded!

I am overcome with emotion and gratefulness.

Our 'Gems' will now be able to have life saving medical equipment
 available here at our home!

But that's not all!

We also found out the amazing news that,

our Wheelchair Ramp has also been funded!!

Now are 'Gems' will be able to freely wheel around our compound and home!

I am sure many wheelchair races are in our near future!

I am humbled and blown away by your love and generosity!

We are now able to move forward in finalizing the final details
 needed to bring our 'Gems' home.

What a glorious day it will be to officially open our doors and
welcome them home.

In the meantime please be praying for us,
as we finalize details for our home,
For the staff, and for our 'Gems' that will very soon be joining us!

We can hardly wait!

Soon, little ones, soon.


Unknown said...

glory to God Almighty, this moves me to tears, as well it should, Emma you are an amazing woman, it has been fun to follow a place called simplicity and now em on a mission. May our Jehovah God continue to protect you and bless you as you bless your treasures

Sara said...

God is so good Emma... We are so thrilled for you! What an amazing Gift from God to have these needs met and what an amazing gift you will be to these gems in Uganda... Praying for you Emma!

Unknown said...

Praise the Lord! We have been praying for all the little Gem's and all the big Gem's working there. What a blessing to see God answer this need!!!! Bless you all! The Jeffries