Monday, April 14, 2014

The Anonymous Rain Jacket...

Before moving to Uganda,

I was asked by several of you sweet friends,

 to write a blogpost of my needs.

I prayed as I typed and hit publish.

Before I could blink,

emails began to pour in from many of you,
my precious friends!

God began to provide for my needs.

And the rest is history.

First one package arrived, and I was amazed of what He was doing!

Then another package, followed by another,

and another!

You all blessed me so very much!

I was in awe of the way He had provided.

One day I received a package,

as I prepared to open the box -

I saw that it was from a very large company.

I could only imagine what was inside as I opened the box...

what would I find inside?!

There it was -  a beautiful, stunning, rain jacket
and just my size!

This rain jacket was something special.

It was purple just like I had been asking for!

I was so amazed!

As I searched in the box for a name, none could be found..

With now living in Uganda for over a year, 

I go regularly into my closet and grab my jacket!

I smile to myself wondering who ever you are - wherever you are.

Rainy season in Uganda is very wet.

This jacket has kept me warm and dry from the pouring rain.

It has been such an incredible blessing to me.

I don't know who you are or if I ever will.

But you my sweet-purple-rain-jacket-given'-friend 
have blessed me beyond compare.

Because of you sweet friend,

I am safe, warm and dry!

Thank you for blessing me so incredibly!

I pray God richly blesses you for your generosity!



Becky L. said...

that is awesome. Purple is my favorite color too. So glad someone blessed you with the rain jacket! No it wasn't me either! Hugs!

Linda said...

Such a lovely post. God is amazing. Your jacket and photos are lovely.

Unknown said...

I love seeing God bless in the little details like a purple rain jacket! :)

Carl Chad said...

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