Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Prayer Answered: The Washing Machine

Since I first moved to Uganda 15 months ago
 life has had many changes.

One of the changes is that I wash all my laundry by hand! 

What a year it has been - first, learning to wash by hand!

But I've actually come to love the simplicity that comes with it.

No doubt, some days I longed for a washing machine...

Especially as I'd stand bending over in the sun with a mound of laundry.

But then God would quickly remind me how much I truly have to be thankful for.

*Welcome to my Laundry room!* 

Some days my chickens would peck at my feet as I wash,

other days the dogs would run chasing each other

and my water would splash everywhere.

But oh how I've learned to love it.

I'd realize how much I'd taken for granted when I lived in the states.

Many days I'd wash late in the afternoon and hang my laundry on the clothes line.

Only to later be followed by a rain storm,


That just meant that some days my laundry got
more than one rinse cycle.

Got to love rainy season in Uganda!

Soon my love for washing laundry and our busy schedule,
grew into a hope.

A dream.

I dreamed and hoped that I would be able to
wash my laundry in a machine!

One day at the staff meeting for 

We began to pray together that God would provide a laundry machine.

We knew it was a huge financial need and also a necessary item for our home...

to make life a bit easier on our staff and
also better for our 'Gems'.

We made it a matter of prayer.

Together we agreed and asked the Lord to provide.

Then the most incredible thing happened.

Across the ocean God began to stir someone's heart...

Macey was in preparation to move here to Uganda to serve on staff at,

Before leaving the states, Macey began to share her heart and
 how she would be serving here at our home.

That's when God began to stir someone's heart...

and unbeknownst to any of us...

an anonymous donor


a washing machine!!

We were in awe...

not only was our prayer answered,

 We then found out that it wasn't only a washing machine.

They had also donated the resources for

 a Dryer!!

I was in shock and amazement as Macey shared with me
all that God had done and provided!

Little did this person know,

that across the ocean in Uganda we had been fervently praying.

Yet God had whispered to this person our need.

God did exceedingly abundantly above
all we could think or ask for!

Imagine the joy as I shared with the staff that God had answered our prayer!

He is faithful.

He cared about our hope and dream.
He cared about our littlest desires.

Macey and I with The Gem Foundation's 
very own washing machine.

My sweet friends, I hope and pray this shows you
how very much God cares about your needs.

He loves to answer our prayers!

 He is a faithful God.

He loves you.

He will answer you..

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; 
knock and the door will be opened to you."
- Matthew 7:7

Sometimes the waiting seems to last forever.

But my sweet friends, He is working behind the scenes
long before we see the results.

He does answer prayer!

Do you have any prayer needs?

Our staff gathers together once a week and we have a time of prayer.

Leave your prayer request in a comment below and we will pray for you.


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough,I am praying for a washer and dryer. Easier to come by her for sure,but a need I cannot meet on my own right now just the same

Joanne Reddell said...

WOW! I love this story! God is so faithful! Eph 3:20

Anonymous said...

To be able to return to Uganda quickly to love on those orphans!!!! For God to provide that money quickly and give me oppertunitys to serve him!!!

robin said...

Yay!!! So happy that you guys got a washer AND a dryer! He does provide! Glad everything is going so well!

star whites said...

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Becky L. said...

Glad you got a washer and dryer! That's awesome that your prayer was answered! When I was in Nicaragua, all laundry is washed by in the lavenardria, something like that. like a concrete washboard. Clothes washed inside out, hung to dry, ready by afternoon. I got to do it one time a couple days before I left....it was hard but could get used to it. Ladies take in laundry for other people and pay is low but it's a living. Hugs across the miles.

cara said...

I have been praying for several years for God to open my husbands heart and mind to another adoption. I would love it it you said a prayer for me! Cara in South Dakota

Chrisann said...

That is so exciting!!!!!!! I can't wait to see all that the Lord will do through gems!!

Julie said...

Thank you for all you do for the orphans in Uganda! I am praying for a permanent home for my six year old and I as we are in a temporary situation that is full of stress and quite crowded. I am praying every day and I do believe that God hears my prayer and that he will provide for us. I just keep praying and listening. Bless you for all you do. I hope this doesn't seem trivial compared to your needs in Uganda but my boy is from Haiti and our life took a very unexpected and difficult turn. I love your blog and your mission is in my prayers.

Katie in WI said...

What a blessing to have a washing machine! Have you considered whether you will use cloth diapers or disposables for the children?

Jillyan said...

Love following your blog! Could you pray that some how either through a gift or a loan we could get our adoption 100% funded and paid before finalization may 30th . It's been a hard season since we brought our little man home financially as our house was broken into. Everything valuable we had was stolen. But the joy of our little one has reminded us that God is faithful!

Molly Layde said...

that is so awesome! as someone who is also living in east africa I LOVE your attitude when you were washing by hand though- referring to clothes caught in a storm as going through an extra rinse cycle :) made me giggle. you're in my prayers, emma!

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