Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Gift I Didn't Expect...

Recently I was asked to come and speak at a 
dear friend's church in the village.

We journeyed about two hours into the 
beautiful countryside.

A simple little church awaited us.

As the car pulled into the lane,
people began to pour from the church building 
each anxiously coming to greet us.

What an honor it was to be the very first 
{white person} 
to visit their church!

I was given the incredible honor of 
preaching the message - 
such a joy!

Six pastors and their congregations came 
together to hear my message.

What an incredible privilege and so very humbling 
that God would open this door.

They asked me to be their spiritual mother 
for their church.

I was so very honored and of course said 'yes'!!

After the service was finished the pastors asked 
me to please join them outside.

They said they had a gift for me.

And this is what came around the corner...

Who would have thought?!

Culturally in Uganda an animal is 
considered an honor and gift,
but a Pig??

Well friends, its the highest form of honor - 
even higher then a chicken!

I was overjoyed and so very humbled!

My friends at the church would have never imagined, 
but as a little girl I'd always dreamed of having a pig.

After all, Charlottes Web has a way of doing that!
God really does have a sense of humor doesn't He?!

I proudly shared with them my new pig's name: 


They all laughed and I'm not sure if they realized -
 I am serious!

I have no intention of eating him. 

At all.

Euuu no...

I love him, for real.

I wake up with him 'Oinking' through my compound and 
he brings a smile to my face every single time.

Wilber is the perfect addition to our little family.

Oh Uganda how I love you...


Sarah Higgins said...

Absolutely Love this Emma!! On every level! I can only begin to imagine how proud of you Our Father is, much less your parents and the rest of your family!!! Keep up the Great work...Thinking about you and praying daily!! Hugs

Sarah from NM

Becky L. said...

Megan wondered what she'd clicked on when I had the sound up on my computer in the other room watching your video of the pig! She had to come out and see. She laughed! (It is April 1, after all!)
Wilbur is a great name for a pig. I read Charlotte's Web when I was young as well. Enjoy your pig! Thank you for sharing your love of God in Uganda and loving people there! Hugs and prayers!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Thank you Emma for saving
Wilbur!...They maybe hadn't heard
of "Charlottes WeB" either.
Love the part about him "oinking".
Are there African Gray Parrots in
Uganda? They are one of the most intelligent of parrots..Yes, I have a small parrot, thought not an African Gray.
Thank you for sharing your life and adventures in Uganda. Bless you from mm,vancouver,wa.

Chrisann said...

That is awesome! I feel the same way after "Charlotte's Web". I love how you are so embraced by your country. You are beaming in those pictures!