Monday, March 3, 2014

Meet 'H'

{All dressed up for the hospital}

On Friday Morning my cell phone rang with 
a phone call from a friend.

They had been walking in the slum when they 
had stumbled upon a little boy.

They were brought to tears at his condition.

His leg was so infected that it left the bone exposed.
Due to lack of finances and many other circumstances
 he had been unable to receive medical care.

They quickly dialed my number knowing that I 
worked with the medical care arm of matching children
 with medical grants through 
International Voice Of the Orphan's 
Ruby's Friends.

We set up a meeting and on Saturday morning 
I had the privilege of meeting sweet 'H'.

His infection was much worse than I thought.

Not only had the bone been exposed on his left leg -
but the infection had then spread to his right leg...
making him unable to walk.

He is 12 years old and as you can imagine he longs 
to walk again.

I had the privilege of sharing with him that I 
would like to help him receive medical care through 
Ruby's Friend's.

With some phone calls we had an appointment scheduled.

This morning we journeyed an hour+ away to the hospital.

At first the infection looked so bad that I wondered 
if the only way to 
heal would be to amputate his legs.

We prayed, others gathered together 
and prayed.

 Today, after meeting with the doctor I am so 
excited to share that the surgeon does not think that
he will need to have his legs amputated!!

All glory to God!

We now have surgery scheduled for 
Wednesday morning.

'H' fearlessly met with the doctors and was 
so very brave!

I was so proud of him.

Although he doesn't speak English,  I was able to 
share with him in my limited Luganda
that he did a good job.

He laughed hearing me speak in his local language.

At the end of our appointment he shared how 
he longs to walk again.

I told him not only will he walk but he will run!

Although he has a long road to healing and walking 
we are so excited and look forward in anticipation 
of all that God is going to do!

Would you be willing to be a part of helping 'H' receive the 
surgery that he so desperately needs? 


Above all us would you please join us in praying 
for 'H' and his family?

Thank you for your love and prayers they mean 
so very much to us!

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