Thursday, March 6, 2014

God Provides for 'H'..

{'H' at the hospital after check-in with his coloring book 
that was generously donated from a GO Team}

On Tuesday morning I woke up to some very exciting news.

God provided incredibly!

Through my sweet bloggy friends generosity 'H'  
was able to receive his surgery!

I am in awe of your love and support.

Because of you, this sweet boy is not only receiving life-changing 
surgery that will enable him to learn to walk again. 

But he is also learning about the love of Jesus.

For the very first time.

Words can't do it justice.

The infection on his legs started in 2012.

With no finances and many other circumstances, he dropped out of school.

The infection took over.

Before he knew it, it went to his ankles and then exposed the bone.

Making him unable to walk.

He's 12 years old.

But because of you, you've given him a second chance.

I believe by God's healing he will walk again.
What a glorious, joyful day that will be!

Surgery was on Wednesday morning and they operated on both legs.

He is recovering well, 
but still has a long road of healing and physical therapy.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for loving 'H' without ever meeting him.

Thank you for loving like Jesus.

Please continue to pray for him as he heals. 

Pray that He will come to know the true love of Jesus.

On Behalf of his family -  Thank You!


Sandy said...

I will pray for continued healing and for very handsome, sweet smiled H to know Jesus.
Love from NC

Sandy said...

Oh how precious Jeremiah is...He has thunder thighs like my grandson Ezekiel...Jeremiah and his family are blessed of the Lord.
Love from NC