Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Meet Martha

Just a few days ago I received a phone call from 
a sweet friend of mine.

She proceeded to tell me that her sister had 
just had a baby.

She was worried as she shared with me that the baby 
was born "lame". 

She knew that I helped advocate and provide 
medical sponsors through,

Her sister had no idea what to do and she asked me 
urgently if I could come and meet with her.

We set up a meeting for the following day.


Upon arriving I was introduced to the sweetest little 
'Martha' and her beautiful Mama, Charity.

Charity shared with me her love for her daughter and 
how she truly is a gift to their family.

I was so incredibly blessed by this family!

Often  children with special needs are abandoned. 

They are seen as the outcast and unwanted.

But this family calls their precious girl a gift!

After awhile of hearing Charity's story she proceeded to 
remove her daughter's clothes.

At first I hadn't known how bad her special need was. 

Then her mama showed me her legs and feet. 

She is frail and only weighing about 5 pounds.

Her knee cap is where her ankle should be 
and her feet are clubbed.

But my oh my,
 Martha is a beautiful little treasure!

We prayed together and made the decision 
that she indeed is our newest sponsor of;

Later on I discovered that our Martha girl has 
Edward Syndrome
 also known as a "trisomy 18 baby".

Upon delivery they were told about her condition 
and then told to go home with her.

They had no idea what it meant and no one had 
explained the complications she has.

It is a very serious condition and very scary.

Most babies born with this pass away 
within a matter of weeks
from complications of the heart and many 
other things combined.

Martha is one month old.

Today I met with her family and shared 
with them what I had learned.

I never would have imagined I'd one day have to share with a family that their little girl wouldn't be living very long.

Teary-eyed I shared with them what I had learned 
about Edwards Syndrome.

We prayed together and thanked God for her life.

After sharing with them that her life might be short,
her Dad said "I am so thankful for every 
single day we have with her"

Their love for their daughter just 
blesses my heart.

They'd longed for a baby girl for so long 
and she is their gift.

They also have a son who is 18 months old.

We prayed together and are continuing to 
pray for a miracle for Martha.

Would you join me in praying for our sweet girl?

Please pray for a miracle! Her healing is something 
only God could do.

We don't know how much longer Martha has 
here on this earth but we will cherish
 every moment we have with her.



Anonymous said...

Both heartbreaking and faith provoking! I will pray for sweet Martha and her family. Nothing is too hard for our God!

Renee said...

Oh, of course Joel and I will pray for little Martha....Nothing is too big for Jesus....

Kelley Madsen said...

Praying! I have a cousin who was born with Trisomy 18 and only lived a brief time. While she was here she was a blessing to our family. We have a big God who does amazing things!

Kelley Madsen said...

Praying! I have a cousin who was born with Trisomy 18 and only lived a brief time. While she was here she was a blessing to our family. We have a big God who does amazing things!

Anonymous said...

Oh Emma. I am so partial to the Tri18 babies. They thought my son had that before birth. Praise God is a healthy robust HYPER almost eight year old. But what I went thru waiting for him to be born was not fun. Here's a prayer for Martha and all the Tri18 babies.

Tracy said...

I will pray for Martha and for her family. It always amazes me how people who love the Lord like her parents do, can have such a calm about them while facing such a scary time. Not angry just thankful. That's Jesus!

Sandy said...

Hey Emma, I usually only lurk, but I do pray always..Your sweet picture of Martha has my heart and I will pray for her and her tender parents.
Thank you so much for sharing your life with bloggyville from your new country of Uganda...
Love from NC

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that you are His hands and feet. Keep up the great work and may He heal this baby.