Friday, February 21, 2014


Sitting overlooking the city as tears fall from her eyes.

Sharing the pain and the loss together.

Our hearts ache that she is gone. 

She questions, wondering why Martha's life was so very short.

She says she should be strong, that she shouldn't question life this way.

I tell her it's okay to grieve.

Pain, so fresh as we grieve her in our lives.

She asks me why did God chose her to be her Mama.

She tells me she longed for a little girl for so very long.

She wonders how she will learn to heal and to cope with this loss.

She tells me the details of their last few hours together.

That she was so peaceful.

Church and a bath were some of her last moments.

She didn't cry at bath time like she normally does.

Her heart was starting to fail yet they didn't know it yet.

In a matter of hours she would leave this earth and be with Jesus.

We grieve....

We learn to cherish every moment...

We don't always understand the pain we go through.

Yet, He is faithful.

He stands with us in the pain and wraps His arms around us.

We are reminded of His promises and we cling to them.

We pray together and the tears continue to fall.

Oh Sweet Martha.

Your life left an imprint on our hearts.

We long for the day we hold you again in our arms.

Dance with Jesus precious Martha.


Please continue to pray for Martha's family.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Payers for Martha's Family. May God comfort them. S.Clark Greenwod SC

Anonymous said...

Praying for Martha's parents and you and your mission too.

God bless you all


Sun Valley Homestead said...

Praying for the family and friends left behind to grieve. So sorry for their/your loss.