Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Team Work

Recently I had the opportunity to host and serve alongside 
'GO Team'

If you don't know who they are - Then you definitely need to  check them out:

What an incredible team of Orphan-loving people we had!

I was so privileged to serve alongside them 
and call them my friends.


Just before the team arrived to serve in Uganda 
we heard of a need.

A really big need.

A need to make this amazing ministry into a home and ready for the little faces that will soon fill it.

We immediately knew that this is something 
we were suppose to GO and do.

We were able to purchase mattresses and bunk beds
sheets, blankets, dishes, pans, mosquito nets, etc.

Everything a home needs in order to officially open.

What a joy it was to prepare the rooms and pray over the beds for the Orphans that will fill it.

{Our Team before unloading the truck!}

Team work as we unloaded the truck..

 Then of course it was time to set up 
all the bunk beds...

Kind of like Lego pieces - only much larger.

One of the finished rooms 
{just waiting to hang the mosquito nets}

Soon this room will be filled with many faces.

Oh how my heart aches...

Many of these children will come from so much pain.

The pastor shared with me some of these
 precious children's stories.

So much pain for such little hearts to bear.

*Please be praying for this ministry as they reach 
out to the Orphans and they bring Hope, 
Healing and Restoration to many of these children 
and families*

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Anonymous said...

Praying for this place. Of course praying for you too Em.

God bless you