Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transitions & Seasons

I'm in a place here in Uganda where we are having many transitions.

Seasons are changing.

Now it is becoming rainy season.

It's beautiful sunny early mornings with rainy afternoons.

Sweet smells and clean air {for a bit anyway}.

Summer has come and gone & with it many friends have left for home.

I'm so thankful for the sweet times I was able to have with friends.

I will cherish the memories of laughter and a full house.

I look forward to next summer.

But I am also learning to be content with this season of my life.

Sort of like a new chapter.

Sometimes the waiting seems to last forever.

But I have come to realize that this season God has me at this place for this time.

I'm not sure what the next few months will hold.

But I look forward in anticipation.

I know He has a plan and a time for every season and in his words I find comfort.

He has been whispering to my heart for several months and
 I look forward to the day I can share it with all of you.

For now I cling to this verse:

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, but to give you a hope and a future."
-Jeremiah 29:11


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Erik - *That* God Moment


Since moving to Uganda, I have had some incredible things happen!

God has opened up so many doors.

Little things I thought were no big deal have turned into amazing God moments.

One of those moments was when I was heading into a coffee shop.

If you know me - I am a coffee addict.

I realize the first step is admitting I have a problem, and that is the start to recovery.

But let me tell you I just love coffee - and I don't want to ever recover.

I was on my way into the coffee shop when I turned around and noticed the seamstresses
 working on beautiful pieces of fabric.

I decided to purchase some material and get something made.

After all it's a lovely day and I had a bit of free time -

Why not have a bit of fun and order some new shirts or even a dress?

We set to work and within about a half hour I had a receipt
and was told my order would be ready in a few days.

Months passed and little by little every-time
I went into the shop we'd talk a bit more.

Then one day I shared something about how I work
with special needs children.

My now-friend Rose
{who happens to be the owner of her business}
stopped what she was doing as we talked
and she shared her heart and her story.

 Rose has an older son named Erik.

It turns out her son has hydrocephalous and spinabifida.

Just like my Baby sister Ruby, who also has hydrocephalous,
 and little James who had just had surgery.

We got to talking and Rose went to her purse to pull
out a picture of her son Erik.

Rose shared with me how she had been searching but hadn't found a place
for her son to receive help for his special needs.

She told me how he was home with a friend
and that he had taught himself English from watching the television.
Due to Erik's Spina Bifida he wasn't able to go to school
or even have a wheelchair.

That's when I was able to share with her how just a few weeks before
 I had been looking around for other ministries here
that may offer physical therapy for special needs treasures.

During my search I had found an organization that specifically works
to offer free physical therapy to children and families.

We set a date and were able to take James and Erik
on the very same day for an interview.

James was able to receive physical therapy twice a week
 and he was then referred to a hospital for leg surgery
which he is now recovering from.

Erik was interviewed and passed the test with flying colors
 and was referred to a primary school.

Erik is now the happiest little man who is eagerly learning and thriving at his new school!

Don't you just love when God takes those ordinary moments,
 and turns them into God moments and new friendships?

Meet Erik - whom I proudly call "my friend".

He refers to me as his

"Only Muzungu friend"

{Meaning - white}

Somedays I receive phone calls from him
and he tells me all about his new school.

So very blessed by this little guy!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Almost Fried Chicken...

Recently I posted this picture on my instagram page.

A beautiful little chicken from my guard's wife.

A chicken is the highest form of honor in the Ugandan culture.

It can be a Christmas gift, a gift for your bride's father, etc.

It means

 "to honor".

When my guard returned one day from his village he came to me
and shared that he had a present for me.

Out from the burlap sack he pulled this little hen.

I was excited and so very blessed.

I quickly grabbed my cell phone to snap a picture for my instagram page.

I then posted this caption:

"A precious gift from my guard's wife...A chicken :}
Excited to kill and cook it this week!"

Being the girl that I am and striving to survive and be
independent on my own living in Uganda,
I attempt to do everything that an Ugandan woman does.

Of course there can also be several problems with this.

For instance I can't carry water on my head without my hands.

It's impossible. Or at least for me.

After posting the picture of the little chicken I began to get
 feedback from my instagram friends as well as F*cebook.

Apparently cooking a little chicken is bad...

Or at least in so many words.

I was asked countless times why I couldn't just keep it for eggs.

But my mind had been made up.

After all, my brothers said they'd pay me to see me kill a chicken.

So this poor little hen was going to be used for my benefit as well as my dinner.

When I shared with my sweet friend Lynne about the chicken
{who just so happens to be a vegetarian}
she stood her ground and said that if I was going to fry it up, 
at least don't do it when she is home.

I told her this could be fixed if she just wore ear plugs.

She wasn't too happy with that thought.  :}

But on I pressed to learn to kill, boil, remove the feathers,
and then of course cook it
just like an Ugandan woman would.

But then I began to doubt myself.

Could I really kill something living?

My dog Ranger seemed to think it was his friend.

Could I really kill something living?

Then one day my little hen was walking around the yard pecking.

Again I thought to myself, 
"Could I really kill something living?"

I shuddered.

No, I knew in my heart I couldn't do it.

Life has too much value.

Even a lone little chicken.

So as my chicken balks around my yard
and I step in chicken poop,
I smile.

Yes, indeed, sweet friends you rescued my chicken
and taught me a lesson as well.

Life has too much value.

Sure I still am an avid meat eater.

I love chicken all sorts of ways: fried, baked, broiled,
and I even love them pecking around my yard.

Please meet my hen,


Named after  an amazing woman and also a Christian martyr.

She is a blessing to me every single day when I get a shiny egg.

I am blessed sweet friends.