Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Taking Christmas to the Streets

Thank you for stopping by and seeing a little glimpse of our Christmas day!


Several months ago I was asked a question...

One day a little boy at a feeding program casually 
asked what I would be doing for Christmas?

I was able to tell them that yes I would be 
spending it here in Uganda.

Then I asked what they would be doing?

He told me he didn't know yet.

Living on the streets it is no wonder that he wasn't sure.

Life on the streets can change so quickly.

This past week I found out that all feeding programs 
would be closing for Christmas.

They would be alone for Christmas and of course, 
they wouldn't even have food.

My heart ached for these boys as I imagined 
what it would truly be like.

That's when we thought of what if instead of a normal Christmas 
we brought Christmas to the streets.

We could share with them God's love and 
what better way then with breakfast!

We were so excited as we prepared to spend
 it with our sweet boys.

Late last night we started preparing the food!

This morning bright and early we headed 
out laden with lots and lots of food.

The boys were so excited that we had come
 to spend Christmas with them.

It such a joyful time as we talked about the true meaning of 
Christmas as we laughed and shared breakfast.

They loved the cake and ate every last bite!

{Being Christmas we couldn't help ourselves and 
we splurged and bought match box cars for the boys.}

They were delighted!

Pure joy as many received there first ever Christmas gift.

Thank you for stopping by a little glimpse of our day!

We wish you a very 
Merry Christmas 
all the way from Uganda!