Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breakfast on the Streets

My heart has been broken this past week.

While the IVO September Go team was here we were able to do ministry together.

I love having teams here but this team was something different.

This team had a Mama's heart.

It was so refreshing to see woman really love the Orphan.

The street boys thrived in their attention.

The first day they arrived we headed into the slums to our frontline feeding program.

Where we were able to spend time with around 70+ street boys.

Ranging in ages 8 - 18.

 We played football and taught a lesson, did crafts and helped serve lunch.

But that wasn't the best part.

While winding up the dirt trail to the football field a little man
about 10 years old, pulled me aside.

He said "I know you, I have seen you before"

I searched my mind for his face finally realizing we had met back in
August when I had been serving at the feeding program.

He stayed by my side that day and never left.

When our day came to a close he looked devastated.

We said goodbyes knowing I would see him again but unsure of when.

Team meeting late that night brought lots of tears as the team shared
 the emotion of seeing the slums, and ministering to the street boys.

They were no longer a  daunting number of 10,000+ boys living on the streets of Kampala.

But they became
a single boy,
a little boy with a name,
a smile,
a laugh
our friend.

Several days later while cleaning up dinner with the ladies
we all looked at the leftovers we had.

Our hearts started to ache.

Here we were with full tummies with more leftovers then we know what to do with.

My heart ached as I thought of my sweet little friends all alone.

Sleeping on the street,
under the tunnels,
on porches.




While here I sat in my house, with a warm meal, and a bed.

This time the tugging on my soul and the walls of my heart,
 began to crumble.

I can't really explain the feeling just that instead of realizing its to much.

I realized I still have the choice to make a difference a little more everyday.

Just like each of us do.

We can chose to change the world for one person.

Or we can say one is not enough.

But meeting my little friend changed all of that.

I would do anything for that one.

I would drive across the city for that one.

Just like the heavenly father would do for us.

He would come searching for us.

Drawing us near to him.

As the ladies looked around and our overflowing pans of dinner:

G-nut sauce, 
and cabbage heaped over the pans.

We began to look around for anything at all.

That's when we noticed our mounds of used water bottles.

We got to thinking.

What if we took our leftovers and went and found where the street boys sleep.

What if we fed them breakfast?

Quickly I dialed my driver and managed to get him to show up
extra early, just about sunrise.

That night we made an assembly line as we quickly chopped water bottles in half.

Brought empty laundry baskets for storing, napkins, spoons,
and water together.

The next morning we drove out the gate promptly searching
meticulously the streets for a boy.

Any street boy.

We were on a mission.

Soon we rounded a corner and to my surprise there across the way
 was two of our little friends!

We pulled into a parking lot and quickly unloaded.

We called them over and asked where there friends where?

They hurried around the bend and we waited.

About 15 minutes later to our delight a group of boys walked up the way!

They sat and ate, laughed and shared some of their stories.

Then as they were finishing up they asked if we would come again tomorrow?

We looked around at each other and said why not?

So it began - breakfast with the boys!

Morning became our favorite part of the day.

Bright and early we'd set out to spend some time loving the street boys of Kampala.

The team has now headed home.

But I look forward to anytime I can spend with them through frontlines feeding program!

After all, when they look at me with there pleading eyes and
 adorable smiles how can you say no?


Feona said...

I LOVE this Emma! Praying for you, praying for the boys. Wish I could come and help you! XO

Stacey said...

I love this tradition! Let's do breakfast... say about June? Love you sweet sis and all those smiling faces around you!

Christina L said...

That's so awesome!! It's so amazing that God brought that little boy back to you! And it's wonderful that you could feed the boys like that!
God is so good!

Hope Hagerty said...

Love it Em! Miss you!!

Chrisann said...

So precious! One of these days - I'm going to get in on this in person!

valarie q said...

God sure knew what He was doing when He planned you, Em!