Monday, September 9, 2013

Praise House


Sitting here comfy with my coffee at my table.

How I quickly take advantage of the fact that I am home.

We don't normally think of the fact that not everyone has a home.

Sure it's a sad thought so it's easier to say "thanks Jesus" and not dwell on the fact that we are so privileged.


It has such a comfy ring to it, doesn't it?

I got to thinking and wondered,
"Hmmm….What does home mean to me?"

To me home -  is a place of peace.

Home is a place of safety and refuge.

Home is place to be yourself.

Home is a place filled with love and laughter.

It has such a sweet feeling to it - doesn't it?


Often on any given day you will find me outside the city,
down a long and bumpy road that reaches beyond mud huts in the village.
Surrounded by littles that scream and shout with joy when Auntie Emma arrives.
My heart has been stolen by these precious kids. 

These littles are the Orphans sponsored by IVO {International Voice of the Orphan's}
feeding program.
The home they live in is called Praise House.

Regularly I go to deliver food and just this past week I was able to
 deliver over a month worth of food.   

There have been times when I have gotten a phone call that the home is almost
out of food and if I don't come quickly, they will not have food.  

Of course most of us have never been truly hungry.  
Most of us don't know the pain of the street child 
who only eats three times a week.  
And most don't know the pain of falling asleep starving.

These littles do. 
Their stories are painful and raw and real.

When they came into Praise House -
they found safety, refuge, healing and hope.

Praise's testimony is only one God could write!
I am both honored to call her my friend and my sister. 
This  coming January I will have the privilege of dressing in
traditional Ugandan wedding clothes 
to see her marry her true love.  

At such a young age God put caring for the orphans on her heart.
At age 14 she met an orphan boy.  Night after night she would eat little,
take her remaining food and wrap it up.  After she was supposed to be in bed,
she would take it to her window and slip it out her window for him.  
Sometime I will take the time to write her story.
But for now this is about the children.

Right now there is 36 kids living at Praise House.

The house they had previously lived in was falling down and leaning.
At night when it would storm the rain would come in.
They had such a bad issue back in March when rats invaded in the night
and ate one of the littles fingers off.

IVO was compelled and knew they had to do something! 

I am happy to report that the new home is almost finished being built -
thanks to all the IVO donors and an amazing matching grant - ONLY GOD!
The IVO June Go Team had the incredible opportunity to start
building and laying the foundation for the new house.
What a privilege to help and serve and see the walls being raised!

{the girls in what will be their new room}

Just this past week I went out to deliver this month of food.
 I was in amazement when I saw that the roof had been put on!
 So very excited to see the progress.

I walked through the home in awe of what God has done.

He is so faithful. 

I then began to think where will they eat?

They had previously been eating sitting on the ground and porch.

Remember what Home feels like?

What if Praise House also was a real Home?

Not just a place crammed with beds but a true home. 

A place they can sit when it's pouring rain -
where they can study, learn, laugh and be kids as a family. 

What if we together were able to turn Praise House 
into Praise Home?

A place of refuge.

A place of healing.

What do you say sweet friends?
Would you join us in helping us purchase furniture? 
At the moment they only have a few bunk beds.

In order for this to be possible we have to work together!

Would you be willing to donate for chairs? 
For a table to be built? 
For mosquito nets so the kids are safe from malaria? 

What do you say sweet friends? 

Since Uganda is very simple, 
I went through the house and made a list of
our biggest needs:

  12 Bunk Beds:     $150.00 each 

  24 Mattresses:      $50.00 each 

20 Mosquito Nets: $15.00/  net

                   A dining table:       $250.00  {we will have this made}

6 shelves for school books & clothes - $ 50.00/shelf

 36+ Towels & Clothes   -  $25.00/child 
{towel, jammies, clothes, toiletries} 

 Several chairs, couches, & mats for the floor - $600.00/total 


What do you say sweet friends would you 
like to be a part 
of tucking one of the sweet blessings 
into their very own bed? 

Together we can make a huge impact on Praise House!

International Voice of the Orphan is a 501c3 so each gift is tax deductible.


Please be certain to designate 
Praise Home 
and specifically whatever item{s} 
you would like your gift to go toward
in the Special Instruction box.

I will be updating as the money comes in...

On behalf of Praise and her children - 
thank you, thank you, thank you.  


Chrisann said...

So exciting! I hope that one day I will be able to see it for myself!

Sally-Girl! said...

He is doing GREAT work through you my dear!! Just donated enough for two kids to have towels and clothes. Wish I could do more, but our newest treasure has us behind right now!!

Jen said...

Emma, I lead a small Ladies Bible study group, here in a small town in Western Australia. Each week we collect a couple of dollarsfrom each lady to supposedly pay for tea coffee and cake for the meeting. I have just saved it up this year. I read your blog and discussed with them yesterday that the Hl,y Spirit prompted me to ask if they were willing for the money to go to Praise House to help make it a home. They were. So I am going to donate just over $100 to go to whatever the need is.
God bless you all abundantly

Boy oh Boy oh Boy! said...

Hi Em! We love seeing the progress! I told my husband all about it last night after we tucked our 4 boys into their bunk beds. We decided that we would send a check so you can buy the bunk beds and mattresses for Praise House. We pray that the sweet children will get wonderful rest in their new beds.

Amy P.