Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Almost Fried Chicken...

Recently I posted this picture on my instagram page.

A beautiful little chicken from my guard's wife.

A chicken is the highest form of honor in the Ugandan culture.

It can be a Christmas gift, a gift for your bride's father, etc.

It means

 "to honor".

When my guard returned one day from his village he came to me
and shared that he had a present for me.

Out from the burlap sack he pulled this little hen.

I was excited and so very blessed.

I quickly grabbed my cell phone to snap a picture for my instagram page.

I then posted this caption:

"A precious gift from my guard's wife...A chicken :}
Excited to kill and cook it this week!"

Being the girl that I am and striving to survive and be
independent on my own living in Uganda,
I attempt to do everything that an Ugandan woman does.

Of course there can also be several problems with this.

For instance I can't carry water on my head without my hands.

It's impossible. Or at least for me.

After posting the picture of the little chicken I began to get
 feedback from my instagram friends as well as F*cebook.

Apparently cooking a little chicken is bad...

Or at least in so many words.

I was asked countless times why I couldn't just keep it for eggs.

But my mind had been made up.

After all, my brothers said they'd pay me to see me kill a chicken.

So this poor little hen was going to be used for my benefit as well as my dinner.

When I shared with my sweet friend Lynne about the chicken
{who just so happens to be a vegetarian}
she stood her ground and said that if I was going to fry it up, 
at least don't do it when she is home.

I told her this could be fixed if she just wore ear plugs.

She wasn't too happy with that thought.  :}

But on I pressed to learn to kill, boil, remove the feathers,
and then of course cook it
just like an Ugandan woman would.

But then I began to doubt myself.

Could I really kill something living?

My dog Ranger seemed to think it was his friend.

Could I really kill something living?

Then one day my little hen was walking around the yard pecking.

Again I thought to myself, 
"Could I really kill something living?"

I shuddered.

No, I knew in my heart I couldn't do it.

Life has too much value.

Even a lone little chicken.

So as my chicken balks around my yard
and I step in chicken poop,
I smile.

Yes, indeed, sweet friends you rescued my chicken
and taught me a lesson as well.

Life has too much value.

Sure I still am an avid meat eater.

I love chicken all sorts of ways: fried, baked, broiled,
and I even love them pecking around my yard.

Please meet my hen,


Named after  an amazing woman and also a Christian martyr.

She is a blessing to me every single day when I get a shiny egg.

I am blessed sweet friends.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You might know this already but chickens actually thrive in groups of three or more. I have no idea what the price of a chicken is over there but you might consider getting two more so they can have a proper pecking order and create a little family.

Congrats on the growing family ( a chicken)!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet blessing. Glad your going to keep her.

praying for you


Cindie Bass said...

awe what a sweet story.

bytheriver said...

YES! You Did the Right Thing! Perpetua in perpetuity.

robin said...

You have such a kind heart!! :)

Sunshine said...

I don't know why, but your story really touched me. Thank you for sharing it!

Mom Of Many said...

You know me when it comes to roosters and glad Perpetua is bringing you blessing. And as the old saying goes, "An egg a day keeps the doctor away"...or was that an apple? Maybe it was a piece of chocolate. Yeah. I think that was it.

I love you!! xoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma
praying for you!!

Beth Boron said...

Emma its your cousin you and am praying for you all the time. keep up the good fight girl. xoxo