Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Erik - *That* God Moment


Since moving to Uganda, I have had some incredible things happen!

God has opened up so many doors.

Little things I thought were no big deal have turned into amazing God moments.

One of those moments was when I was heading into a coffee shop.

If you know me - I am a coffee addict.

I realize the first step is admitting I have a problem, and that is the start to recovery.

But let me tell you I just love coffee - and I don't want to ever recover.

I was on my way into the coffee shop when I turned around and noticed the seamstresses
 working on beautiful pieces of fabric.

I decided to purchase some material and get something made.

After all it's a lovely day and I had a bit of free time -

Why not have a bit of fun and order some new shirts or even a dress?

We set to work and within about a half hour I had a receipt
and was told my order would be ready in a few days.

Months passed and little by little every-time
I went into the shop we'd talk a bit more.

Then one day I shared something about how I work
with special needs children.

My now-friend Rose
{who happens to be the owner of her business}
stopped what she was doing as we talked
and she shared her heart and her story.

 Rose has an older son named Erik.

It turns out her son has hydrocephalous and spinabifida.

Just like my Baby sister Ruby, who also has hydrocephalous,
 and little James who had just had surgery.

We got to talking and Rose went to her purse to pull
out a picture of her son Erik.

Rose shared with me how she had been searching but hadn't found a place
for her son to receive help for his special needs.

She told me how he was home with a friend
and that he had taught himself English from watching the television.
Due to Erik's Spina Bifida he wasn't able to go to school
or even have a wheelchair.

That's when I was able to share with her how just a few weeks before
 I had been looking around for other ministries here
that may offer physical therapy for special needs treasures.

During my search I had found an organization that specifically works
to offer free physical therapy to children and families.

We set a date and were able to take James and Erik
on the very same day for an interview.

James was able to receive physical therapy twice a week
 and he was then referred to a hospital for leg surgery
which he is now recovering from.

Erik was interviewed and passed the test with flying colors
 and was referred to a primary school.

Erik is now the happiest little man who is eagerly learning and thriving at his new school!

Don't you just love when God takes those ordinary moments,
 and turns them into God moments and new friendships?

Meet Erik - whom I proudly call "my friend".

He refers to me as his

"Only Muzungu friend"

{Meaning - white}

Somedays I receive phone calls from him
and he tells me all about his new school.

So very blessed by this little guy!


Jen said...

Thank you Emma so much for sharing this story. I'm literally in tears while reading it all the way through. I'm a Special Ed major from Chicago and Spina Bifida is one disability in particular that is close to my heart. I worked at a camp this summer for children and adults with Spina Bifida. I know how extremely important surgeries and physical therapy is for these kids, because my kids told me about the countless surgeries they had to have. Praise God for you and your dedication and commitment to serving those around you. Praying for you and all the lives that you touch daily.

Anonymous said...

So sweet and precious. How awesome God is!


jenny said...

Yay for what God is doing thru you - Erik is precious!

susan nichols said...

What a beautiful story! I love to see God move in such perfect and wonderful ways. Thank you for serving the Lord in your life and sharing it with the would. It is encouragement for us as we go about our own lives. blessings!

Anonymous said...

Emma this gives me chills. You have changed Erik's life so dramatically I cannot even write the words. From a child so yearning for knowledge he taught himself another language - to now attending school.

Thank you for your service and I cannot wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

One more is not an addiction, it is another form of art meant to be savored. I can only imagine the wonderful species of coffee beans right at your fingertips in Uganda. Delicious I'm certain!

EllenW said...

I Emma, Thank you so much for sharing! God is using you in a mighty way. I will have to share the coolest God story with you sometime. It is so unbelievable that only God could do it, It was with our foster daughters that we had for 7 1/2 months. I am sending you a big , big hug. love, Ellen W.