Monday, July 29, 2013

God Provides, Once Again: James

I had the privilege of visiting this little man in the hospital today!

I am sure you all remember James and his story.

Remember  - how we prayed and God provided
{through many of you} for James to be able to receive surgery?

Recently James began physical therapy to learn to walk.

Hydrocephalous {water in his brain} made it difficult to walk.

After seeing the therapist,  who throughly reviewed James'
situation, it was discovered that he needed to be sent to another hospital.

James was diagnosed with a rounded foot - another version of clubbed feet,
which made him unable to walk properly. 

Although James can stand with assistance,
is he unable to stand on his own.

Instead of having flat feet like we all do, he has rounded feet -
making it so painful for this little guy!

God provided again and this time even bigger then I could have imagined.

Not only did He provide for James to have surgery back in March...


Special Thanks to all of our Ruby's Friend's donors and supporters

James was able to receive foot surgery!

He will continue to have weekly check ups and castings.

Tomorrow morning James will be having surgery on his right foot.  
He is still in a lot of pain and it's hard for him to understand at only 2 years old.

Would you please join us in praying for complete and total healing for James?


Thank you in advance for all your prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Praying for this precious sweet little boy James.


Matthew 18:19