Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Faithful God...A New Dog

Living in Uganda creates an atmosphere where you really can see God move more clearly.

There is something about the way of life here.

It's simple.

Maybe it's the fact that having power or electricity is a big deal.

Or learning that a hot shower is considered pampering.

Or the fact that you learn to live without so many things 
we take for granted at home in the States.

It's something about the simplicity of life here.

Village streets.

Bumpy roads.

People striving to make enough to just feed their family for the day!

It really removes the constant blur of the American life.

Here I see God so clearly.

I see Him move. 

And I hear Him speak.

In the States I get used to the blur of the American life and
 the constant speed of moving.

Here I just have to stop.

We don't go by American time.

We go by a little thing called African time.

You can set up a meeting and 2 hours later they will show up.

A rain storm will stop the whole city from everything.

But here I find such beauty in the simplicity of life.

A few weeks ago I began to pray for a dog.

It wasn't super specific just a dog.

My mom, hearing my prayer, decided to be more specific.

She prayed and prayed - 
in between whispering my prayer during the day
and at random moments when I remembered.

Then I started to search.

This past week though I began to feel that I needed 
a dog more urgently.

The team had just left, 
that would leave just me and my friend Lynne alone in my own house.

I posted a story awhile back about some of Lynne and my adventures,
you can read it here: 

My new home is in a new {to me} part of the city.

And we were alone.

We actually had had some complications a few weeks ago 
and I had gotten a guard.

Living alone in Africa can be dangerous.

Being two muzungu {foreigners} girls alone was another story
- not safe at all.

And the guard dog need became more urgent.

We prayed.

Then one day I loaded my missioanry Facebook page  to find a post about a dog!

I emailed the owner for more details.

You're not gonna believe it! 

But it was exactly what we had prayed for:

A German Shepherd

with a little African Mix 

{to spice it up a bit - lol}

But my Mama's prayer was even more specific then
the dog being a German Shepherd -  

He was FREE
~~ exactly what my Mama had prayed for :
an already trained German Shepherd for Free 

Yes, you heard me right!

God provided him completely free of charge!

My God - not only provides my needs but He supplies them too:}

Not only is he my pet, he is also my guard dog!

I will have you know he is the sweetest dog I have ever met.

He even sits on command and plays fetch!

He also is fierce guard dog and protecter.

I am in love..

Please meet my new doggy



Chrisann said...

Precious!! There is just something so comforting about our 4 legged friends. They can offer protection, but they offer so many other things too, don't they? Enjoy this faithful friend.

Jolene said...

Welcome to the family, Ranger!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

He's adorable! Congratulations on your new fur baby!

I thought you were living with a husband/wife couple. No?


jenny said...

Yay! So happy you have your very own Ranger. My husband once had a summer job where they were kind of joking about rap music so they made up their own song about "Ranger - no Stranger to the Danger!" Hope your Ranger will provide lots of joy and laughter in your lives as well as keeping you safe.

Jenny said...

He's perfect!

robin said...

How absolutely wonderful! So glad you have a little more protection and a loyal and devoted pet aka member of the family. I know your family will sleep a little better at night knowing this too. Glad your mom was specific in her prayers! :)

Joy Kinard said...

I love this story. God has His fingerprints all over it!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully sweet and precious. Our GOD is an awesome GOD!!! yay congratulations.That means your also now a mommy.. yes mommy four legged furbabies are family too. ;)

praying for you girls.

God bless you!!!!!


Nana Jul said...

Love it!! Ranger..How Awesome is Our God!

Rhyan said...

I am also a single girl and a missionary to Haiti. When I moved out on my very own I got a German Shephard. She was the best, sweetest guard dog I could have asked for! He will be perfect for you!