Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ministry in the Village

Yesterday we journeyed about an hour and a half outside of the city.

To a quaint little village.

Up off the beaten path.

We met with some old friends and also were able to meet with new friends.

Upon arriving I noticed off to the side an elderly woman.

She sat against a brick wall leaning.

She didn't smile nor did she seem to notice we were there.

She just sat there.

That's when I noticed one of her eyes was covered with a patch.

After chatting with several friends and playing with some of the children,

I was finally next to her.

I squatted down and sat.

She shared her story.

Her name was Sarah.

Her eye had been removed due to sickness.

She wouldn't look at me with her good eye.

So much pain and sadness.

I asked if I could pray with her.

After praying with her she smiled.


It's moments like this that I know without a doubt God had put me there for 
that moment to minister to Sarah.

If you think of it will you please pray for my new friend Sarah?


Ladyblog said...

You're doing such important work as a missionary. I pray that Sarah knows she is important, worthy, and beautiful in the eyes of the Lord. Thank you for serving and ministering to the least of these.

Chrisann said...

Will do! What a sweet encouragement you were to Sarah. God's kindness extended to her through you. HUGS

bytheriver said...

Hi Em: Heard about nodding syndrome in northern Uganda today. Thinking and praying for those who are afflicted.

Susan A said...

Praying for her, thank you for bringing up Sarah.