Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surgery For James

Today surgery was scheduled for 2:30 pm.

But at 12:00pm he was rushed back.

Some how an opening came sooner then they had thought.

Together we sat with Nakato on hand woven mats that covered the ground.

It was so peaceful and so wonderful to be sitting in the simplicity of an African hospital.

Little by little other patients gathered to join us.

We spent the time by reading the Bible out loud as Nakato and I shared our favorite stories.

We shared about how the disciples must have acted, at first seeing God provide.

It was unreal as we marveled at the situation.

The very same thing had happened for James.

God had provided more then we could think or ask so that he could have surgery!

After 4 hours of waiting,
 a rickety cart with a doctor pushing it
came by.

Nakato jumped up and immediately fell to her knees when 
she saw her sweet boy roll by.

Her knees hit the ground and her arms went up!

She began to praise God for all that he had done for James!

As she thanked the surgeon, my arms were covered with chills.

I stood amazed by God.

She ran over and quickly hugged me.

She whispered again, "Thank you Emma"

But it wasn't me -  sweet friends.

It was all God who through the generosity of people giving to Ruby's Friends
 that allowed James to have his surgery 
and, truly, I couldn't be more amazed that I would get to be a part of it....

Continuing to praise God for His provision and protection of sweet James!

We are praying and asking God that we would be able to journey home on Friday.

Please continue to pray for protection and a quick recovery! 

- Love from Northeastern, Uganda


Feona said...

My arms have chills too reading that! I'm so happy that James got to have his surgery! I printed the first picture that you posted of him off inside a little heart frame and so I can remember to pray for him every time I see him. Please keep the updates coming Emma!!

Anneli said...

Praise God! Praying for a quick and easy recovery!


Anonymous said...

Yay thank you sweet Jesus. Praise God. Continuing to pray for this sweet boy and family and you Em.


Nana Jul said...

Praising with you Miss Em!! May God provide speedy healing to make it home as planned! What an AWESOME God we serve!!

Toni said...

This is cool!