Monday, March 4, 2013

He Found Me

A God moment Sunday.

Sunday is special for more then one reason.

It's one of my favorite days of the week.

It's a day of refreshment filled with worship at church. 

On Sunday I get to see friends from near and far.

Then after service we go out to eat.

{This is a special treat as the majority of my meals consist of ramen or buttered noodles.}

I always look forward to the refreshment of Sundays.

Sunday morning started much the same way. 

{I had no idea that God was going to use me in a new way today.} 

We headed to church and then out to eat.

After we finished eating I looked at the time and knew I needed to head 
back if I still wanted to volunteer at the babies home.

I hopped on a boda and off I zoomed.

I arrived home to change and set out again.

In between  lunch I realized I was out of airtime.
Meaning I had no way to call anyone so I knew I needed to buy 
some as soon as the opportunity came.

Otherwise, if I had a problem I wouldn't be able to reach anyone.

After a good walk through the village I grabbed a boda and asked the driver
 to drop me off at a gas station to buy airtime.

I was all alone, just me and Jesus.

I bought airtime and started walking towards the baby home.

It's maybe a quarter mile away.

Not long enough to grab a boda, but a nice refreshing walk.

As I neared the baby home I saw someone in the corner of my eye.

At first it didn't click in my mind.

I had my destination in mind: hugging and loving on my babies.

I was Em ON A MISSION you might say.  :}

As I neared the gate to the baby home I saw someone.

I walked  up the stairs to the gate...

As I reached to open the gate I heard someone calling me.

"Neyabo Neyabo"

{"My Friend!! My Friend!!!"}

I turned around and then I saw him..

Barefoot with a tattered, beat-up shirt.

He stood with sorrow-filled eyes that stared into mine.

He went off in Luganda trying to explain to me his story.

I listened and tried to ask if he spoke English.

He shook his head and continued in Luganda.

I kept hearing "Abanio.  Abanio.  Abanio."




I used hand motions to explain this is a baby home.

He continued chattering in Luganda.

I looked around and found a man standing nearby.

I asked if this boy was with him?!

He replied "No.  Is there a problem?"

I quickly replied, 

"No, I just need a translator!
Can you tell me what he is asking me?"

He turned to talk with my new friend and shared with me,

"He is asking you if you know of a home for boys like him."

At this point the boy started to cry.

I thanked the man and told him I'd take care of the rest.

I grabbed this sweet boy's hand and led him inside the gate away from prying eyes
 and explained in Luganda my name is "Auntie Emma"

What is yours?!

He told me his name was "Eessa"

I led him up the stairs to a friend's house, where we sat and I 
explained to my friend Irene what I had just learned about Eessa....

and that he had simply found me.

At this point I knew I needed a translator and fast.

I began to make phone calls to friends.

{Only God would have known how much I needed to buy airtime and led me to do so today!}

No one was around or near to come translate.

Finally I was able to reach Shawn and Sarah and they were on there way to help.

We didn't know what we could do at this point.

Irene made Eessa a peanut butter sandwich and brought him a bottle of water.

He ate hungrily {you could tell it'd been a long time since he had eaten}.

He smiled and said, "Thank you."

Finally we were able to reach my good friend Joy.

She was on her way and very soon we would have a translator.

Eventually Shawn and Sarah arrived to help.

Soon after Joy arrived who translated for us as Eessa shared his full story.

He had been living and sleeping on the streets at the taxi park.

When he found me he had been looking for a home.

It felt like a long time but he wasn't sure how long he had been there on the streets.

He was from a village about an hour away.

He shared names of several villages as he was confused at to where he was from.

He said some boys had forced him to leave the village so they could pick scrap.
 {Pieces of metal they find in garbage that they sell for a 
very small amount of money in the city.}

He cried as he shared bits and pieces of his story.

At one point we asked him if we were able to provide transport would he want to go home?!

He began to sob and reached across the table for my hand.

It was as if I was his lifeline.
His only hope for survival.
He was trusting me.

Tears gathered in my eyes as he continued to share his story while tears streamed down his face.

He guessed he had been on the streets for maybe a week possibly two.

Through more talking and translation we said we would be willing 
to take him home if he really wanted to go.

He shared how he wanted to go home.

He knew his Mama would be so happy.

We piled in the car.

We were unsure of what we would find when we reached the village.

Would his Mama accept him back or would she tell him to leave?

We had no idea.

My Mom called and I shared with her a little of his story and asked her to pray.

Who would know what we would find when we reached the village -
 would we find happiness when we brought him home?!

Or would we find disaster.

I had no idea what to expect.

Eessa clung to my hand as we drove.

I knew just one thing for sure, God had placed Eessa in my life 
and I would go wherever God called me to.

Part 2:  Eessa's Story Continues


Karen said...

Leaving us hanging?! (Just like your mom) :-)

KelliGNG said...

You can't leave us hanging like this!!! :-) I am dying to hear about this little treasure- please update part II !

Kristi O said...

I don't like waiting ;)
praying for you all

Ladyblog said...

Ok Linny Jr....where is part 2? LOL.

Nana Jul said...

I'm thinking this is totally a God setup....And...I'm thinking it's pretty Awesome he found you, and you were Em on a Mission - willing to respond when interrupted by God on a Mission...and that made Jesus SMILE from ear to ear!! So I know I can't wait to hear "the rest of the story" cuz we can't even think or imagine an Ending that only God has in mind!! I'm smiling...and waiting with anticipation!!
You go Girl!!

Lori said...

Where's the rest of the story? The next part? Em! We gotta see what happened!

Gloria Hsu said...

Time for part 2 please!! :)