Friday, March 29, 2013

He Found Me Part Two

Finally the post you have all been waiting for :}

Unfortunately internet in Uganda is not a steady thing.

Frequently I will lose internet for days.

But the exciting news is I officially have internet again!

Oh how sweet and thankful I am to have it!

Being out of the outside world is harder then I imagined.

So thankful I am back again.

Now back to Eessa's story...

"He Found Me"

Part Two..


We began the long drive to his village.

He clung to my hand as we wound through the city streets.

I can only imagine the fear he was feeling inside.

About an hour into our journey,

he pointed and in Luganda he shared with us

that very soon we would slope down...

As we turned off the main road onto a busy village street.

Dirt village roads and crowded streets greeted us.

As we got closer to his village,

His anxiety got worse.

My mind kept trying to imagine what we would find.

'I prayed that he would be welcomed home.

I imagined the worst...

What if he isn't welcomed home I asked myself?

What would I do then?!

I knew there was no where I could take him since it was the weekend.

No home was available.

Would I be forced to turn him back to the street?

I knew in my heart I wouldn't be able to turn him away.

We had to find somewhere for him to stay...

The clock was ticking..and I knew I didn't have a lot of time, before it was dark.

I pleaded with God that he would be welcomed home...'

I knew just one thing for sure, God had placed Eessa in my life 
and I would go wherever God called me to.

As we drove further into another village

Eessa said his home was just ahead.

Quickly we parked and got out.

The minute Eessa's feet hit the ground he ran ahead of us and around a house.

I saw just a glimpse of him as he lifted up the curtain door to enter.

We waited in front of the house.

He came out confused.

His Mama was no where to be found.

Could she have just disappeared?

Or was he gone longer then two weeks and simply lost count of how long?!

About this time we turned around to see the villagers stepping out of their houses.

As they appeared they all began shouting!

I turned to Joyce to ask what they were saying?!

She smiled as she shared with me what they were shouting,

"It's a miracle. It's a miracle. It's a miracle"

A woman rounded the corner of the house.

As she saw Eessa she quickly turned around and ran.

Minutes trickled by slowly.

Where was Eessa's Mama?!

Joyce was able to translate for me as we shared with the villagers 
how Eessa had found me.

The villagers continued to emerge from their huts, 
and in amazement they continued to declare in Luganda;

"It's a miracle. It's a miracle"

I felt like we were in a movie..

Something like this just doesn't happen everyday!

Finally the woman rounded the corner with someone in tow behind her.

I looked behind her to see a woman with a swollen belly and a baby in her arms.

She came over towards us as she nervously greeted us.

His Mama was amazed.

He had been gone for two weeks.

She didn't think he would return again.

But he did! 

She shared some of her story.

She was pregnant with baby number eight..

Eessa was the oldest child.

The Dad was not around...

She was alone to raise all of her children.

No money for school fees...
So they stayed in the village with her all day...

Struggling to get by.

We asked if we could pray with them?!

They were not saved and of a different faith...

She said we could.

We crowded in a circle with the children all around..

We began to pray for Eessa and his family.

That they would find God and for healing in their relationship!

During the prayer I glanced up to look around and see if 
everyone was actually praying with us.

I looked around our huddled group of villagers and Eessa's family.

In Awe I watched..

God had brought him home.

Home to his family.

Just this morning he was just another street boy...

One of the 10,000 that roam the Kampala streets...

A nameless face...

By the evening he was reunited with his family.

God is so incredible how he works!

As my eyes looked over the group I saw
 someone huddled on a mat...

I knew at that moment that God
 had used meeting Eessa so that He could lead me here..

Stay tuned for part three :}


Anonymous said...

wow Praise God. Cant wait for part 3 so glad he is home. Praying for his family. Happy Easter to you Emma. Praying for you also.

in Oregon

Feona said...

Yay! I'm so glad this was the outcome! So thrilled God used you in this way! I'm also thrilled I'm coming to Uganda in a matter of days because I don't think I can wait patiently for part three if your internet goes down again!! Can't wait to serve with you Emma!

Feona said...

So thrilled that this was the outcome and that God used you in this way!! I'm also thrilled that I'm coming to Uganda in a matter of days because I don't think I can handle waiting for part three if your Internet goes down again!! Looking so forward to serving with you!

robin said...

SOOOO happy!!! Reading that was worth the wait... :)

Nancy said...

Emma you have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing your journey.

Anonymous said...

wait, is Liberty in Africa with you??
Love reading your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Lori said...

This SHOULD be a movie! It's way better than any TV I've ever seen. Come on internet, give us part 3! How awesome is our God? I can't tell you how awesome He is because when I would tell you He would do something else to blow my mind. Grateful for a blown mind!