Friday, February 8, 2013

The Thief...

{Taken a few days ago at the API home - Special notice my necklace}

Yesterday I was walking in the market with Shawn, Sarah and, of course, Jethro too.

Sarah was fumbling with her sunglasses and asked if we could stop walking for a moment,

so she could put them away.

We quickly crossed the busy road and paused for a moment.

But that moment was a moment too long.

Within a matter of 3 seconds this next scene unfolded.

Out of the corner of my eye, to my surprise, a man came running,

He proceeded to grab my neck and pull with such strong force...

It caught me completely off guard and I quickly jerked forward.

The man took off running.

Within a matter of one second Shawn had dropped Jethro and taken off chasing him.

Several Ugandan men took off on the chase as well to protect me.

I stood with my mouth gaping open and my neck hurting coughing and coughing.

At first I was caught off guard, by such surprise that I couldn't even figure out what he'd done

until I realized....

He'd tried to yank off my necklace - dangling around my neck.

He did it with such force - grasping my throat tightly - causing it to become difficult to breath.

I was shocked and couldn't believe what he'd tried to take.

If he'd succeeded my heart would have ached.

My Mom for Christmas had gone searching for something special for my

"Big Christmas Present".

She had been searching for something perfect because she wanted it to have meaning.

With my departure date for moving to Uganda,

just 2 weeks after Christmas she put a lot of thought into my gift.

One day while at Kohls she found this little treasure

on sale for just $15.00 dollars!

She purchased it with such care.

Three little hearts.

One for Dad.

One for Me.

And one for her.

Three hearts joined together as a symbol of their love for me.

I love that little necklace.

To many, it would seem "to have no value."

But to me it means the world.

A symbol of love from her to me.

Today that thief came to steal.

But God protected my necklace.

In the moments following my attack

I struggled to make sure he hadn't made away with anything.

The Ugandan crowd quickly gathered around me and Sarah and little Jethro 

{who took a spill when Shawn dropped him to run after my attacker}.

The shop owners told me to quickly remove my necklace and slip it in my wallet.

My hands were trembling so ferociously that I could barely unclasp my chain.

Shawn returned after chasing him down - he never caught him but that's in the Lord's hands now.

We continued our walk and ducked into a store to finish putting Sarah's sunglasses away.

I removed my earrings as well {just little plastic diamonds}.

One never knows what might look valuable to someone, but as for me I'd rather never find that out.

I'm pretty sure my hands were shaking for several hours afterwards.

It was so scary and I felt extremely vulnerable.

My sweet little heart necklace has been retired from public wear.

My fake earrings have been retired as well.

After that incident today I was reminded of this Bible verse I memorized so long ago:

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly." 
John 10:10

So thankful for God's protection today and 
for His reminder of His Faithfulness!


Arnold family said...

So thankful that you are ok. Praying for your protection as you spread love in Uganda .

Stephanie kaczmarzyk said...

oh my goodness! Thank God you are safe!!!

Ladyblog said...

How awful! I will be praying for your protection Emma.

robin said...

How scary!!!! So glad you were ok afterwards and that he wasn't able to take anything... Glad you were in His hands.

Renee said...

Wow, scary glad you are under God'sword protection! Terrible experience I am sure.

Veronica Brown said...

Wow, Emma! What a scary situation! Praise the Lord for His protection and people willing to also protect you. I'm so glad you are safe.

Veronica Brown

Veronica Brown said...

Wow, Emma! What a scary situation! Praise the Lord for the protection of His hand and for the willingness of others to step in for you.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are safe. Thankful God is always faithful.

Diane said...

Wow, Em. So thankful you are okay. Praying for you!

Luann said...

So scary! Very thankful that you are okay. Continuing to pray for your protection.


Nana Jul said...

How very scary! I'm so glad you are OK! I'm so glad your protector never ever leaves you!! Ps 91 sister!! Will keep you in my prayers!

Anneli said...

How scary! So glad that you are alright!


Janet and Kevin said...

Emma - thanking God that you are ok. Will be praying for you even more now.

Hugs from across the miles
jaent and gang

Kristen L said...

I am so glad that your ok Emma!

One thing that I love about Uganda is that although there are more people there who will try to steal from you, there are also way more people who will step in and protect you. Stay safe!

Kristi O said...

Im so thankful for those around you to help, I'm so thankful for our Father who knows your every step and every move. We will continue to cover you in prayer and are thanking God for all His provision and care as you walk out His will.

Nancy said...

Emma, I am just so glad you are safe...and that you were not alone when this happened. I will be praying for your safety, and that of Seth, Sarah, and Jethro, as well. God has mighty things for you all to do, that is for sure! Be strong, and of good courage!

Hugs...Nancy & ShaoXi in CT