Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The crazy side of life in Uganda!

I have been living in Uganda for a little over a month.

It's weird to realize I have been here so long already,

 Because part of me feels like I just arrived.

The other part of me is still in shock that 

'I actually live in Uganda!'

Since arriving I have been settling in to living here.

I have had tremendous triumphs where I have seen the Lord provide over and over again!

I have also seen His protection over me like a shield. 

So thankful that He walks with me.

I have learned many different lessons since arriving.

So in case any of you ever feel God call you to Africa..

You don't have to learn the lessons the hard way.

Take the easy route, {learn from my mistakes} it's so much simpler!

Ten lessons I have learned so far:

Lesson # 1.

Don't wear jewelry that could look valuable :}
{See previous post.}

Lesson # 2.
Parasites enjoy swimming in bath water.
They are visible and red/pink. 
They are icky!
Straining water cup by cup is time consuming, 
but better than sharing bath water with the red/pink little swimmers!

Lesson # 3.

Lizards will not hurt you.

This, personally, was a very hard one to learn.
However now my little green friends enjoy entertaining me 
while I lay in my bed and watch them slithering on my ceiling.
It's a bit uncomfortable at first but this, I'm finding, will ease with time.

Lesson # 4.

Eating healthy is a daunting task.

Everywhere I look there is more rice, noodles, and carbs then I will ever eat.
Although constantly craving salad, adding butter to the carbs helps.
Sort of.

Lesson # 5.
If a boda {motorcycle} driver tries to hit on you, don't get on!

Creepy before the ride and creepy during the ride.
{He told me he can have 5 girlfriends. Creepy creeper.}
I learned that the hard way - yuk.

Lesson # 6. 
Drinking boiled water won't hurt you.

Ummm, at least, I don't think it will...

Lesson # 7.

Taking your puppy on a boda is a bad idea.

I didn't learn this lesson as well as Sarah did...
{So I'll learn that one from her.}

Lesson # 8.

When you order something at a local restaurant - make three choices.

Because they are likely to tell you that they don't have it and
that you must choose something else. 
And then pick choice #3, because a third plan may be needed.

Lesson # 9.

Bedbug bites come in patterns.

Unfortunately it took me days to figure this out.  :{
{Man, were those bites sure itchy!
Bedbugs are definitely not our friends!}

Lesson # 10.

Just because food is moldy doesn't mean you can't eat it!

My mom taught me this before I moved.
But I have had my share of moldy food since arriving.
It may not have the greatest flavor, but food is food.
So eat it.
Because the next meal may not be for awhile.

Some lessons have been harder to learn then others.

No doubt living in Africa is an adventure -

one I love being a part of.

'Cause no matter what, I wouldn't change it for the world :}


Stacey said...

Sorry about the pink/red bath buddies. Sorry about the creepy creeper. Sorry about the bed bugs, YIKES! Sorry about the mold. Your mom is wise, though.

But none of those things hold a candle to those little ones calling you Momma Emma! So glad you are there.

Prayers for you...

Anonymous said...

Such adventure. If the lizards are like ghekos in Hawaii then invite them all in. They feast on roaches and other bugs. Praying for you Emma.

God bless


Christine said...

Your post made me smile. :-) How can you not love Uganda?!

Megan @ SimplyThrifty said...

Love your lessons. :) I'm sure you will have lists and lists of lessons you learn as you continue to live there. :) When I was in Bangladesh, the little wall lizards were called "tik-tiki's" The name was so cute I liked them from the get-go. :) Maybe if you call your lizards "tik-tiki's" you'll like them better!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

A few posts ago you shared a photo of your new house. Is there a little (even very little) yard space? Or even space enough to have a few pots that get sunshine? If so, you could always grow your own salad greens. That would be a cheap and almost no work way to get some more greens in your diet. Kale and chard are like turbo plants. ALmost impossible to kill them. Plus if you just cut the outside leaves, they keep producing more and more for you.

Just an idea...

juf Ineke said...

Oh, so sorry about the bedbugs! I've been bitten while I lived in Egypt. Though it may only have been one bite, since one bite is enough to get a whole bunch on bumps...

Do you live in Kampala? It may be good to find an international church so you can share some of your experiences with (more) others from similar backgrounds. And their experiences might teach you some more Uganda-lessons the easy way ;)

hugs from Holland!

Anonymous said...

Thankful for His shield of protection! Praying for you and watching for God to do great things through you!

Rose said...

absolutely loved and enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing and for doing what you're doing. I hope you have a joy-filled day.
Love and blessings,

Shelly said...

ok not sure about the bath with bugs, couldnt do it. Im not sure how the water gets in the tub (a faucet or by the bucket) Couldnt you use like some stockings (panty hose) material to place under the faucet or around the bucket to catch those things instead of cup by cups. Just thinking on what i would try :)

robin said...

I never thought about what would come out of a faucet/bucket/water source...and thinking about the parasites is just...icky! I guess that it's small compared to all that you do there! Sorry about the bedbugs! Love hearing the good...and the not so good! :)

Sherry F said...

I love this update...it's as if I can see the boda boda, sarah and the puppy..God has you in the palm of His hands bed bugs and all ;-)..Love you.