Thursday, February 28, 2013

Little James Needs Our Help

Recently I began to pray a very specific prayer. 

I just love when God lays something on your heart and
so you begin to intercede for it.

"Dear Jesus, please don't let me miss any moment that would bring you glory."

Every day my prayer never changed, 

I want Him to use me in some way.

Whether it be big or small.

I just want to be used by God!

Sometimes in life we go through a blurry day of activities and errands.

And often we find ourselves missing that moment where God could have used us.

but we were too busy so we missed that divine moment.

That moment He could've used us.

But we rushed on instead.

Recently I really felt strongly that I didn't want to be to busy
so  I missed that moment where God would have used me!

Yesterday that moment came.

I was walking up to the guest house when at the front entrance, the security guard,
Eunice, stopped me.

At first I was on a mission for my destination.

She greeted me in her usual 
"Good morning, Emma, how are you?"

I returned her greeting and was ready to get on to my original destination.

But that's where she stopped me.

Eunice said, "Emma I have to introduce you to someone,
you see the other guard here him and his wife had a son,
He was born with a very large head.
Like your sister"

"I want you to meet them and talk with them"

I was immediately intrigued.

Could this be the moment I have been praying for?

She told me that she would send for him and his wife and their baby.

We set up the meeting for later that day.

After a bit I arrived back at the guest house.

Little did Eunice know that International Voice of the Orphan
 had just launched a new ministry which I am really involved in.

Remember that moment I was praying for?

Oh  friends - I have to tell you here he was - the sweetest little boy.

This couple's first child.

He is their little treasure and their love for him is obvious.

At first they didn't realize that his head was not a normal size.

Being their first child they were just in love with him and
didn't notice anything different or wrong.

Until one day he fell.

They rushed him to the doctors only to learn that their son had a very
serious problem with his head.

He was diagnosed with "Obstructer Hydrocephalous"

Meaning that the water on his brain is very large.

There is no where for the fluid to go, yet his head continues to grow.

His head is causing him so much pain.

He is 1 1/2 years old.

Yet he still cannot walk.
{I understand it could be due to the trauma of having water on the brain}

This couple had no idea that my little sister, Ruby, has the exact same thing.
or the fact that God had been placing on my heart the desire to work
with special needs on my heart for quite some time.

I shared with them Ruby's story.

You can read her story here:

Ruby Grace

The Mom pulled out some paperwork and handed it to me.

It was the doctor's referral for surgery.
His head is growing bigger by the day.

The parents shared with me how they don't have the money for this surgery.

The received the referral a few months ago and are still no closer
to being able to have surgery.

The Dad is a police officer and the Mama a cook.
They make very little.

The average Ugandan here makes 2,500 schillings a day.

That's about a dollar, can you even imagine?
So surgery is not even an option.

It's impossible.

But with God it is possible.

There son's head will continue to grow.
His pain will get worse.

I have to share with you friends, a few weeks ago

 International Voice of the Orphan launched a new arm of their ministry!

It's called:

 Ruby's Friends will specifically raise money for vulnerable children
in third world countries who cannot afford surgery.

Since launching just 3 weeks ago.

One little boy has had surgery {update coming soon} and are recovering well!

What do you say, dear friends, can we raise the needed money
for sweet James to have surgery?

The surgery is a little over $500.00 for him to have surgery at the very best missionary hospital
 that specializes in Hydrocephalus - located in Uganda!

Little James has no hope for a normal life unless he gets surgery as soon as possible.

Would you like to be apart of helping little James and his family?

Please meet little James and his Mama and Dad.

The newest addition to Ruby's Friends:

I am so thankful that I didn't miss that moment.

Remember even the slightest good morning,
could be the very start of God using you.

Don't rush today.

Pray that God won't let you miss that moment.

Be ready so He can use you.

To donate to the fund for  Little James to have surgery
you can click on the link below:

Ruby's Friends
{please designate to "Medical Needs"}

Please join me in praying for James and his family
and that they will understand God's powerful love for their son and them.

Sending love from across the world in Uganda


Emily McLemore said...

Thank you for letting us know of James' need! While I myself can't fund his entire surgery, if enough people like me read your story, we can get it funded asap! Prayer sent to you and to him!

Feona said...

I just donated Emma. I hope the money comes pouring in and the surgery can happen ASAP. Please keep us posted if you can. Would you please email me personally if the money is not coming in quickly enough. I will figure out a way to get the rest. I mean that too Emma, please do not hesitate.